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Voice of America (VOA) is the largest U.S. international broadcaster, providing news and information in more than 40 languages to an estimated weekly audience of more than 275 million people. 

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Analysts: Chinese Defense Minister’s Removal Could Be Beginning of Trend

Voice of America

Analysts suggest that China’s removal of defense minister Li Shangfu may be part of an emerging trend of abrupt removals of top-level officials, reflecting a lack of checks and balances in the Chinese political system.


Analysts: China’s Foxconn Probe May Be Tied to Taiwan Elections

Voice of America

Analysts see China’s probe of Foxconn as an attempt to intervene in Taiwan’s elections and potentially force Foxconn's founder, Terry Gou, out of the race.


Hong Kong Appeals Court: Same-Sex Couples Can Inherit Property From Partner

Voice of America

A Hong Kong court has upheld a ruling granting equal inheritance rights to same-sex couples, marking another legal victory for Hong Kong's LGBTQ+ community.


Analysts: China Tests US Commitment to Indo-Pacific in South China Sea

Voice of America

Tensions rise in the South China Sea as Philippine and Chinese vessels collide near a disputed reef. Both sides issued statements criticizing each other and videos were released as evidence.


China, US Swap Trade Sanctions on Semiconductors, Graphite

Voice of America

The Chinese government is tightening export controls on graphite, a key material for batteries used in electric cars and green energy systems.


China’s Xi Urges End to Israel-Hamas Conflict Through Two-State Solution

Voice of America

China has recently tried to position itself as a mediator in the Middle East region and has expressed willingness to coordinate with Russia to de-escalate the situation.


Latest US Chip Controls Will Limit China’s AI Development

Voice of America

The latest U.S. export control measures on advanced chips and chipmaking tools will make it challenging for China to develop in that sector, say analysts.

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US Imposes New Chip Export Controls on China

Voice of America

The U.S. Commerce Department has tightened its export controls on computer chips to prevent China from obtaining technology that could be used for the development of hypersonic missiles and AI.


China Signals Willingness to Deepen Involvement in Facilitating Potential Hamas-Israel Cease-Fire

Voice of America

Analysts believe that China is engaging in a "listening tour" to show its participation in mediating conflicts between Israel and Hamas.

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China Exploits Israel-Hamas Conflict To Diminish US Global Influence, Analysts Say

Voice of America

Analysts suggest that China is using the Israel-Hamas conflict to undermine US influence and strengthen its own global standing.

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