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2020/07/07 | Voice of America
Taiwan-China Diplomatic Competition Comes to Somaliland
Taiwan’s diplomatic agreement with Somaliland, a self-governing territory, is seen as a symbolic victory.
2020/06/26 | Voice of America
Hun Sen Tempers Speculation Son Will Be Next Cambodian Leader
Hun Sen, Cambodia's Prime Minister, has sought to cast doubt that his son really is his heir apparent in recent remarks.
2020/06/24 | Voice of America
China Sends 8 Military Planes Into Taiwan Airspace. They’re Not Targeting Just Taiwan
Several Chinese planes have entered Taiwanese airspace over the last month, a marked uptick since Tsai Ing-wen first became president of Taiwan in 2016.
2020/06/22 | Voice of America
How Did Vietnam Become Biggest Nation Without Coronavirus Deaths?
Vietnam's drastic and early action allowed it to head off a full-blown calamity, becoming the biggest nation by population to report no deaths from Covid-19.
2020/06/19 | Voice of America
Kim Jong Un Keeps Quiet as North Korea Turns Up Heat
Kim Yo Jong has become the public face of North Korea’s more aggressive stance toward the South.
2020/06/17 | Voice of America
Rhetoric or Reality? Britain’s Hong Kong Passport Offer Angers China
Beijing has warned that the British offer of citizenship to Hongkongers would breach the 1997 Joint Declaration. Until recently, Britain agreed with that verdict. But China’s attempt to impose the new security law appears to have changed the calculation in London.
2020/06/12 | Voice of America
Zoom Temporarily Suspends Account After Hosting Tiananmen Square Event
Humanitarian China, an organization focused on providing relief for political prisoners and activists, had its Zoom account shut down. "It seems possible Zoom acted on pressure from the CCP," the organization said in a statement.
2020/06/11 | Voice of America
China Uses Cabbage to Advance Disputed Asian Sea Claim
The Chinese navy has just harvested crops it had grown on Woody Island in the South China Sea. This could be used as proof of China’s economic activity on the disputed territory.
2020/06/10 | Voice of America
China, Singapore Plan Covid-19 'Bubble' for Essential Travel
Travelers from China and Singapore can apply for a travel permit in their respective governments and, if approved, pay for and pass the coronavirus test twice before departure and after landing.
2020/06/08 | Voice of America
Australia, China Clash Over Covid-19 Racism Claims
China has warned its citizens against travel to Australia, citing a significant increase in racist attacks on Chinese and Asian people. Australian officials have denied the accusation.
2020/06/04 | Voice of America
Philippines Reinstates Pact With US Military
The Philippines has decided to reinstate its Visiting Forces Agreement with the United States, an about-face from President Duterte's plans in February to cancel the pact.
2020/06/02 | Voice of America
Hong Kong Tiananmen Vigil Officially Banned
Hong Kong police formally banned the annual Tiananmen candlelit vigil to mourn victims of the crackdown. The vigil has taken place uninterrupted for 30 years.
2020/06/01 | Voice of America
On US College Campuses, Student Groups Call for Closure of Beijing-Funded Confucius Institutes
An open letter from two major U.S. college political organizations has called for the closure of Confucius Institutes, citing the threat the institutes pose to academic freedom.
2020/05/29 | Voice of America
China’s Hong Kong Security Law Risks 'Intimidating’ US, Observers Say
As the National People's Congress concludes in China, analysts fear that the approval of the Hong Kong national security law may undermine the city's semi-autonomous status and lead to a U.S.-China Cold War.
2020/05/27 | Voice of America
Hong Kong Police Blockade Legislature Ahead of National Anthem Vote
Hong Kong's legislative complex was the site of clashes between protesters and police ahead of discussions of a controversial bill that would make disrespecting China's national anthem a crime.
2020/05/25 | Voice of America
Uyghurs in US Say China Using Detained Family Members in Forced Interviews
Chinese media has released a series of separate videos showed Uighurs in Xinjiang allegedly denouncing their detention as propaganda. Uighur community members in the United States are expressing skepticism.
2020/05/21 | Voice of America
HK Public Broadcaster Suspends Satirical Show After Government Reprimand
Hong Kong public broadcaster RTHK was forced to suspend a satirical show and apologize for allegedly insulting the police.