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Tyler Prochazka is the chair of UBI Taiwan.


Why Taiwan Should Pay People To Stay Home

Tyler Prochazka

To ensure everyone in Taiwan is financially protected from the economic harm of Covid-19 and the semi-lockdown, we advocate for an unconditional payment of NT$15,000 for adults and NT$5,000 for dependents.


Basic Income Is an Investment in Taiwan’s Most Valuable Asset

Tyler Prochazka

Basic income is an investment in Taiwan’s most critical and valuable resource: its people.


China and UNDP Study Basic Income Pilot Feasibility

Tyler Prochazka

Chinese academics and officials last week hosted a roundtable on Universal Basic Income with the United Nations Development Program in Beijing, suggesting China may be prepared to trial experiments on the social dividend in the same manner as countries such as Finland, Scotland and India.


Curing the ‘Ghost Island’: Why Taiwan Needs Basic Income

Tyler Prochazka

Sun Yat-sen believed that the benefits from natural resources, monopolies and property should be shared amongst all citizens. This is precisely the philosophy behind UBI, argues Tyler Prochazka.

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