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Tristan Kenderdine is Research Director at Future Risk and lecturer in Public Administration at Dalian Maritime University.

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OPINION: Xi's Consolidation of Power Will Ultimately Weaken China

Tristan Kenderdine

Xi's move to abolish two-term limits on the presidency signals the end of the Reform Era and a deepening of Party reform of the State that will ultimately lead to a weaker China.


China’s Fevered Property Market Exporting Risk to Asia

Tristan Kenderdine

Global risk merchants are starting to fret over Chinese local governance — a matter that was conveniently ignored throughout the growth boom of the past two decades.


Space Race Critical to China's Belt and Road Project

Tristan Kenderdine

China is planning to launch satellites to cover Central Asia, the Middle East and greater Eurasia.


Is China Really Opening Up Its Consumer Markets?

Tristan Kenderdine

China is enacting reforms to normalise the importation of goods for domestic consumption. Yet any opening of the Chinese market will be selective and will serve state industrial policy, Tristan Kenderdine writes


China’s One-Way Trade Street

Tristan Kenderdine

Rather than a regional trade agreement, China’s Belt and Road strategy is an extension of Beijing’s economic policy in foreign lands, Tristan Kenderdine writes.


China Returns to ‘Bird in the Cage’ Economic Policy

Tristan Kenderdine

Short-term policy changes in 2017 China will have lasting consequences for the greater Asia Pacific long-term economic forecast.

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