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How Big Is the Container Ship That Blocked the Suez Canal for Nearly a Week?

TNL Staff

The Ever Given is is one of the largest container ships in operation. But how big it exactly is?


Taiwan To Start Inoculations With AstraZeneca’s Vaccine as Early as Next Week

TNL Staff

Chen said medical workers are the first group to be vaccinated, and around 60,000 are in line to receive the jab.


IOC Turns Down Calls for Boycott of Beijing Olympics

TNL Staff

The IOC chief opposes a boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, saying it only hurts athletes.


Is Taiwan’s Water Too Cheap?

TNL Staff

Currently, Taiwanese people enjoy the cheapest water in Asia, with NT$9.2 charged per unit on average.


Fukushima 10 Years On

TNL Staff

Few earthquakes leave scars in the environment and society that are felt 10 years on. Not, however, for the disaster that struck Fukushima on March 11, 2011.


Indigenous Hunting Rights on Trial in Taiwan

TNL Staff

An Indigenous hunter’s legal case has taken on larger meaning as a verdict on Indigenous hunting rights writ large.


Reports: Taiwan, Palau To Set up Covid-19 ‘Travel Bubble’

TNL Staff

Local media has reported that a Taiwan-Palau travel bubble could be open as early as next week.


Taiwan’s Health Minister Lowers Expectations on Vaccine Passports

TNL Staff

Taiwan’s health minister suggests that the government is not easing restrictions by rolling out vaccine passports any time soon.


Taiwan Secures 20 Million Vaccine Doses, First To Arrive This Quarter

TNL Staff

In an update on Taiwan's procurement of Covid-19 vaccines, Taiwan’s Premier Su Tseng-chang defended Taiwan's late rollout.

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