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German Chancellor Warns China Not To Change Status Quo By Force

TNL Staff

Besides urging against the use of force on Taiwan, Scholz highlighted the necessity to work with Beijing to solve global issues, including climate change.


Taiwan: Opinions Split Over Lai’s Handling of DPP’s Sexual Harassment Scandal

TNL Staff

The implications of the scandal on the upcoming 2024 presidential election, in which Lai is expected to run as the DPP candidate, remain uncertain.


Suicide Deaths Hit Three-Year High in Taiwan

TNL Staff

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for those aged 15-24.


Taiwan: Sexual Misconduct Allegations Spark Law Reform

TNL Staff

The Executive Yuan proposed increasing penalties for employers who sexually harass or attack their employees.


Taiwan’s Ruling Party Rocked by Sexual Harassment Allegations

TNL Staff

Local media have dubbed the string of events Taiwan’s “MeToo” moment.


Incinerator Project in Lukang Withdrawn After Protests

TNL Staff

Six incinerators are already operating in Changhua, and the addition of another incinerator may exacerbate air pollution in the county.


Taiwan Provides US$5 Million to Aid Ukraine’s Reconstruction

TNL Staff

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the first part of the project will help over 1,000 Ukrainian students return to school in Kyiv before September.


Swedish Prime Minister Says Tensions in Taiwan Strait Affect Europe

TNL Staff

In October, the prime minister voiced concerns about China’s military threats to Taiwan in his inaugural address to the parliament.


Taiwan, US to Sign Initial Agreement Under New Trade Framework in Washington

TNL Staff

The first agreement under the Initiative is an important “building block” toward a future free trade agreement, the government says.


Labor Rights Groups Protest Against Plan To Hire More Migrant Workers

TNL Staff

Labor rights groups say the government’s plan to hire an additional 28,000 migrant workers will exacerbate exploitation.

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