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Covid-19 Infections Linked to Airport Hotel

TNL Staff

Since Thursday, a total of 16 domestic cases have been reported to have links with a quarantine hotel at Taoyuan International Airport.


Water Supply Suspension in Central Taiwan To Continue Despite Recent Rainfall

TNL Staff

The long-waited rain has temporarily eased pressure on the water supply, but the suspension in central Taiwan is likely to continue.


Three Locally Acquired Covid-19 Cases, International School Closes for Week

TNL Staff

Three domestically acquired cases of Covid-19 have led to a school closure in New Taipei City and the partial closure of a school in Taoyuan.

南投仁愛2天降雨難止渴 霧社水庫仍近乾涸

How Bad Is Taiwan’s Drought?

TNL Staff

Most reservoirs in Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Miaoli are less than 15% full. Several in central Taiwan are less than 10% full.


Fire Breaks Out at Taipei Q Square Shopping Mall

TNL Staff

The latest reports from Apple Daily state that the fire originated in the Palais de Chine Hotel.


Taiwanese American Investors Hold Fundraiser To Support Taroko Train Crash Victims

TNL Staff

More than US$85,000 was brought in by the event, which the organizers plan to donate to the Taitung city government for their second phase of recovery efforts.


Two More Taiwan’s Indigenous Languages Available On Wikipedia

TNL Staff

Atayal and Seediq joined the Sakizaya language in the growing ranks of Indigenous languages that have become available in the online encyclopedia.


Taiwan Expands Vaccine Eligibility

TNL Staff

Taiwan expanded the access of Covid-19 vaccines to government officials and workers involved in disease prevention, as well as non-medical workers who are highly likely to be exposed to the coronavirus.


Can Godzilla and Kong Fight on the Ever Given?

TNL Staff

Can a fight between Godzilla and King Kong take place on the Ever Given?


Most Fatal Train Accident in 40 Years in Taiwan

TNL Staff

The train, a Taroko Express Train No. 408 departing from Shulin in New Taipei City bound for Taitung on Taiwan’s east coast, derailed in the Daqingshui tunnel at around 9:35 a.m. 50 passengers have been reported dead, and 146 have been hospitalized.

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