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Taiwan Army Major Detained as More Alleged Spy Cases Roll Out

TNL Staff

A row of seven defendants have been accused of collaborating in spying activities for China.


Critics: Japan Former PM’s Three-Day Visit to Taiwan Might Dissatisfy China

TNL Staff

Critics say that Taro Aso's three-day visit to Taiwan might displease China, particularly with the “woof-warrior” styled Wang Yi now serving as the Foreign Minister.


Taiwan Expands Protection Law Against Sexual Harassment at Workplace

TNL Staff

Taiwan’s legislature amended laws governing sexual harassment in a special session of the legislature, after a wave of #MeToo accusations hit Taiwan in June.

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Morrison Li Reveals His Life During the Years of Imprisonment and Ban From Leaving China

TNL Staff

Morrison Lee, the Taiwanese businessman accused by China for being “a spy”, revealed that he had been suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), during the long years of detention in China.

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Taiwan’s Unemployment Rate Hit a 23-Year Low

TNL Staff

Taiwan’s unemployment rate hit a record low at 3.46% in May, which was the lowest level since 2001.

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Taiwan, US To Move To Second Round of Trade Negotiations

TNL Staff

The U.S. Senate passed the initial agreement of the U.S-Taiwan trade bill on Tuesday, and the next round of trade negotiation will focus on agriculture.


Survey: Taiwan the 5th Best Place To Live For Expats

TNL Staff

The survey found the happiness level of expats in Taiwan was as high as 78%, which was slightly higher than the average happiness score globally.

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Taiwan Statebuilding Party Urges Government To Raise China Travel Advisory After Expanded Anti-Espionage Law

TNL Staff

After China’s expanded anti-espionage law took effect, Taiwan Statebuilding Party chairman Wang Sing-huan urged the Mainland Affairs Council to upgrade travel advisory for for citizens traveling to China, Macau , and Hong Kong.


KMT Presidential Candidate Hou You-Yi Vows To Restore 4 Month Military Service if Elected

TNL Staff

Following controversy over national security concerns, Hou You-Yi clarified that he would restore the four-month military service given that there is “stability” and “peace” in the Taiwan Strait.


Taiwan Rejects Four-Day Work Week Proposal

TNL Staff

Workers in Taiwan log one of the highest working hours globally.

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