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New French Envoy Names Taiwan as “Priority Partner” in Science and Innovation Industry

TNL Staff

The new French envoy to Taiwan, Franck Paris, expressed his hope for cooperation in science and innovation between Taiwan and France.


Taiwan EV Gear Supplier to Establish Facility in the US, Extending Tech Partnership

TNL Staff

Taiwanese electric vehicle (EV) gear supplier Hota Industrial Manufacturing Co. is set to establish a new facility in New Mexico, US, with an initial investment of around NTD $1.5 billion ($54 million).


Analysts: Disappearance of China’s Defense Minister Speaks About Xi’s Heightened Authority Over the Military

TNL Staff

China’s Defense Minister, Li Shangfu, has been missing for two weeks, leading to speculation of his removal by Beijing. Analysts told The News Lens this reflects President Xi Jinping's increased authority over the military and ongoing personnel restructuring.

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Five Chinese Manufacturers Face Extra Inspection After Chili Pepper Seized at Border

TNL Staff

Five Chinese manufacturers producing the seized chili powder at the border are to undergo extra scrutiny that their all their food imports will be inspected until mid-October.


Taiwan To Build Oil Reserve in Eswatini, Its Last African Ally

TNL Staff

President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan signed three bilateral contracts with Eswatini, including an agreement to help the country build an oil reserve.


Hou Proposes Full Healthcare Subsidies for Elderly Aged 65 and Above

TNL Staff

Minister of Health and Welfare Hsueh Jui-yuan expressed concerns about budgeting and the potential generational wealth gap brought by KMT presidential candidate Hou You-yi’s newly proposed healthcare policy.


Word ‘Adopted’ Removed From the Taiwan ID Cards of Same-Sex Parents’ Children

TNL Staff

Taiwan’s Ministry of the Interior stated that the new law brings the adoption practice of same-sex parents equivalent to those of heterosexual parents.


Taichung Education Bureau & NGO Slam the High School’s Report on Student’s Suicide “Unacceptable”

TNL Staff

The Humanistic Education Foundation argued that Feng Yuan Senior High School’s report misunderstood the concept of bullying and has led to an unjust judgment of a student’s suicide case.


Foxconn Billionaire Terry Gou Announces Independent Run for Taiwan 2024 Presidency

TNL Staff

Foxconn founder and Taiwan billionaire Terry Gou has announced an independent bid for Taiwan's 2024 presidential election.


Taiwan Shows Resilience Despite China’s Import Ban on Mangoes

TNL Staff

In face of China’s imports ban on mangoes, Taiwan shows resilience by preventive measures of market diversification and nurturing domestic demands.

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