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Taiwan Provides US$5 Million to Aid Ukraine’s Reconstruction

TNL Staff

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the first part of the project will help over 1,000 Ukrainian students return to school in Kyiv before September.


Swedish Prime Minister Says Tensions in Taiwan Strait Affect Europe

TNL Staff

In October, the prime minister voiced concerns about China’s military threats to Taiwan in his inaugural address to the parliament.


Taiwan, US to Sign Initial Agreement Under New Trade Framework in Washington

TNL Staff

The first agreement under the Initiative is an important “building block” toward a future free trade agreement, the government says.


Labor Rights Groups Protest Against Plan To Hire More Migrant Workers

TNL Staff

Labor rights groups say the government’s plan to hire an additional 28,000 migrant workers will exacerbate exploitation.


President Tsai Nominates Justices for Constitutional Court Vacancies

TNL Staff

The Constitution allows presidents to appoint all 15 members of the Constitutional Court.


Taiwan: Spouses and Children of Foreign Talent Eligible for Permanent Residency

TNL Staff

The amended law also requires that foreigners who have seriously violated internationally recognized human rights principles be denied entry into Taiwan.


Rooftop Solar Panels Mandatory for New Buildings in Taiwan

TNL Staff

The policy is part of President Tsai’s commitment to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, when renewable energy accounts for over 60% of the country’s total electricity production.


Paraguay Open to Trade With China While Maintaining Ties With Taiwan: President

TNL Staff

The newly elected Paraguayan president will maintain relations with Taiwan, the outgoing president said.

Tsengwen reservoir

Recent Rainfalls Do Little To Relieve Drought in Southern Taiwan

TNL Staff

Since late 2022, southern Taiwan has been facing water shortages due to the lack of typhoons and heavy rain.


Taiwanese Reporters Denied Press Passes for WHA

TNL Staff

The foreign ministry called the incident “a serious violation of a universal human right and the principle of justice for all that the UN aims to embody.”

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