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Activists protest against the Singapore meeting between Taiwan's President Ma Ying-jeou and China's President Xi Jinping outside the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taipei

Survey Shows 67% of Hong Kong Youth Support Taiwan’s Independence


A recent poll shows 35% Hongkongese surveyed support Taiwan’s independence, which is the highest record in the last 21 years. What’s more, up to 67% of young people in Hong Kong support Taiwan’s independence.


Smartphones Found to Have Worse Signal Reception Than Mobile Phones Ten Years Ago


Although packed with multiple functions, smartphones are not as good as old 2G handsets in terms of signal reception.


New Method of Conducting Market Research? Netflix Analyzing Piracy Websites to Enter the Taiwan Market


Netflix has officially launched in Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore. However, Netflix’s plans of cooperating with the leading local telecommunication and cable television companies such as Taiwan Chunghwa Telecom have fallen through, so how is the Internet streaming media entering the new market?


Japan Supreme Court Rules the Law on Surnames of Married Couples to be Constitutional


Although the law does not request wives to take their husbands' surnames, but since the Japanese society is deeply influenced by a male-dominant mindset, 96% of married women have given up their maiden names after getting married.

A portrait of Chinese journalist Gao Yu is displayed by a protester in front of the national emblem of China during a demonstration outside the Chinese liaison office in Hong Kong

China Holds One-Fourth of the Imprisoned Journalists Worldwide


This year, the total number of imprisoned journalists in the world is 199 and a quarter of them are in China. Daily Mail reports, currently China has imprisoned 49 journalists. This is a record high since the Committee to Protect Journalists started the annual report in 1990.

Tourist uses his mobile phone to take picture during a flag-raising ceremony amid heavy smog at the Tiananmen Square, after the city issued its first ever "red alert" for air pollution, in Beijing

Schools Closed, Cars Forced Off Roads as Beijing Issues Its First Air Pollution Red Alert


In the latest smog in Beijing, 23 out of 35 environmental monitor stations recorded a sixth-level pollution lasting for five days, which was two days longer than what the red alert standard regulates. The government did not issue the red alert in time and raised controversy.

Security cameras are attached to pole in front of portrait of former Chinese Chairman Mao on Beijing's Tiananmen Square

Beijing Under A Sky of Surveillance Cameras to Stop Crimes


The Beijing police says the complete coverage of the surveillance system is to prevent people from gathering and to avoid street crime. The capital, for the first time, is now totally covered with street cameras in every corner since the government initiated the surveillance system in 2012.

Fishermen in wetsuits hunt dolphins at a cove in Taiji

Japan Dolphin Hunting Season Starts and Two Conservationists Are Rejected Entry


Local police officers and villagers were supervising every move of conservationists in Taiji and the Japanese media even questioned why they were visiting the area. The authorities are unwilling to let them photograph anything, so they are even banned from carrying cell phones into supermarkets.

Hong Kong Uber Arrests

50,000 People Sign Petition for Uber in Hong Kong


The people of Hong Kong are now discussing other possible transportation other than the Hong Kong railway, including taxis. The government is researching whether or not to introduce high-quality taxi services.

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