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TNL Mediagene undertakes cross-border expansion to lead Asia's media market with AI and new retail strategies

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TNL Mediagene, a leading independent digital media group in Asia, announced plans to further expand its reach in the region. The company, which now has 29 brands and over 200 million monthly page views, will focus on AI and new retail strategies to enter Southeast Asia, Europe, and America’s. TNL Mediagene also discussed the use of AI in media marketing and future strategies for cross-border brand

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TNL Mediagene Collaborates with Microsoft Azure OpenAI: Advancing Generative AI Implementation to Revolutionize Digital Advertising and Deliver Unique User Experiences

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The Asian next-generation digital technology media group, TNL Mediagene, announces its multiple generative AI products built on Microsoft's Azure OpenAI. This brand-new digital technology experience will shorten the distance between users and advertising brands, and effectively increase the click rate of ads.


The News Lens, TVBS join forces to innovate Taiwan and international news experience with diverse perspectives

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Readers will be able to access international news content meticulously produced by The News Lens on TVBS. They will also benefit from TVBS’s collaboration with “WorldView,” The News Lens’ video explainer offering in-depth analysis of international affairs.. Following The News Lens’ merger with Mediagene, Japan's largest digital-native media group, readers will be exposed to diverse Japanese perspe


"Decisive Decade, Future Vision" TNL Mediagene’s 10th Anniversary Invites Taiwan Microsoft, Minister of Digital Affairs Audrey Tang, and Other Special Guests to Envision Future Trends

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TNL Mediagene celebrates its 10th anniversary and invites distinguished guests from industry, government, and academia to discuss the future of media, AI technology, geopolitics, and media values. Attendees reconsidered the media's role in business and social communication and discussed its direction in the next decade.

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World News Media Congress in Taipei: TNL Mediagene Unveils Integrated Digital Media Tech Solution - TNL Mediagene Experience Studio

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The World News Media Congress 2023 took place at a time of rapid development in AI and digital technology. As a digital-native media company, TNL Mediagene has devoted substantial resources to exploring AI, digital technology, and the digital advertising ecosystem, creating an integrated digital technology tool for the media known as the “TNL Mediagene Experience Studio.”

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TNL Mediagene, a leading Asian digital-media company, agrees to become publicly listed company on Nasdaq through merger with Blue Ocean Acquisition Corp

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TNL Mediagene, a leading Asian digital-media company, and Blue Ocean Acquisition Corp (Nasdaq: BOCN), a special purpose acquisition company, today announced a definitive agreement for a business combination that is expected to result in TNL Mediagene becoming a publicly traded company in the United States.


TNL Media Group deploys LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution across Asia

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TNL media group has collaborated with data collaboration platform LiveRamp to integrate its Audience Traffic Solution (ATS) into TNL's services. This collaboration has enhanced the value of TNL's media data assets and enabled people-centric digital marketing across various browsers, providing marketers with real-time results.


China Airlines and the News Lens Japan Collaborate on Instagram Project: Providing Taiwan’s Latest Travel Information for Post-Pandemic Tourism Industry

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The News Lens Japan (Yokohama City, Kanagawa, President: Isao Matsumura, hereinafter referred to as TNLJ) and China Airlines (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan, Branch President: Chang Horng-Jong) are gearing up for post-Covid tourism industry, regularly providing local travel information of Taiwan on China Airlines’ Instagram.


TNL Media Group Announces the Acquisition of iCook, Symbolizing Their Entry Into E-commerce as Well as a Giant Addition to the Group’s App and Paid Subscription Business

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TNL Media Group officially announces their acquisition of the leading food and recipe lifestyle media iCook. Besides increased readership scale and new products that can be offered to readers, this acquisition symbolizes a crucial next step to rapidly expand the group’s existing paid subscription business and enter e-commerce services.


BBC News Chinese Officially Launches On The News Lens, Providing Diverse and In-Depth International Perspectives

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The News Lens has officially launched an agreement to share articles and illustrations from BBC News Chinese. The agreement will take effect in July 2022. BBC News Chinese provides objective, timely, and accurate articles and analyses, closely follows the global pulse, and further enriches the international perspective that TNL has been cultivating for years.

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