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2020/05/13 | TJ Ting
Han Kuo-yu’s Last-Ditch Gambit Against Recall Election
Han Kuo-yu faces a recall election on June 6. His play is to heighten contradictions, forcing voters to choose a side.
2020/05/08 | TJ Ting
OPINION: The Social Media Presence of Your Favorite Politician Is Nothing But PR
Many Taiwanese politicians have invested in professional social media managers. The memes and tweets are for branding — and not necessarily reflective of the politicians' personalities.
2020/05/07 | TJ Ting
‘Water God’, Anti-lockdown Protests: What’s Behind Unscientific Responses to Covid-19?
As protests against the lockdown and vaccines arise in the United States, and a corporation in Taiwan claims its liquid disinfectant is safe for consumption, Covid-19 has given new energy to anti-science politics.
2018/10/20 | TJ Ting
In Taiwan, Tattoos Act as Statements Smashing Age-Old Cultural Stereotypes
We spoke with three proudly tattooed women in Taiwan. One would gladly show off her tattoos in public – while hiding them from her parents for seven years.
2018/08/27 | TJ Ting
OPINION: DPP Spin Master Aims to Control Pasuya Yao's Mayoral Mayhem
The slick re-launch of Pasuya Yao's mayoral campaign drips with spin and begs the question: Can voters really complain when they vote on style over substance?
2018/03/26 | TJ Ting
OPINION: The CCP's Greatest Fear Is That Taiwan Does Not Fear Them
The main purpose of Chinese censorship isn’t to keep the truth from being exposed, but to maintain an unquestioning attitude to authority.
2018/02/22 | TJ Ting
OPINION: Small Benefits Are Holding Taiwan's Workers Back
Is the 'happy company' phenomenon a mask for deeper workplace dissatisfaction?