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Timothy S. Rich is a professor of political science and the director of the International Public Opinion Lab (IPOL) at Western Kentucky University. His main research focuses on the electoral politics of Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. His broader research interests include the domestic and international politics of East Asia, and qualitative and quantitative methods.


How Does the South Korean Public View Misinformation on Social Media?

Timothy S. Rich

Survey results suggest a continued challenge in finding broadly accepted efforts at combating misinformation—despite a general consensus among an otherwise polarized electorate on the value of responding.


South Korea: How Did the Pardon of Park Geun-hye Affect the Election?

Timothy S. Rich

A pre-election survey undermines the oft-cited idea that national unity in South Korea is promoted through pardons of former presidents.


South Korea: How Does Moon Jae-in’s Presidency Affect the Election

Timothy S. Rich

The results of a pre-election survey suggest that growing backlash to Covid-19 policies led to declining support for Moon, perhaps indirectly affecting perceptions of the losing candidate, Lee Jae-myung.


No, Taiwan Shouldn’t Sabotage TSMC: A Response to “Broken Nest”

Timothy S. Rich

A recent paper making the rounds in policy circles advocates for Taiwan to deliberately destroy semiconductor manufacturer TSMC to deter an invasion. Here’s why that’s not a good idea.


What Nicaragua’s Shift Means — And What It Doesn’t.

Timothy S. Rich

Taiwan’s unofficial relations with countries like the U.S. provide far more to Taiwan’s political and economic security.


Survey: How Concerned Are Americans About a Conflict with China and North Korea?

Timothy S. Rich

In contrast with North Korea, China is more credibly seen as posing both a military and economic threat to the U.S. and the public is likely more familiar with China’s human rights abuses.


Survey: US Perceptions of China in the Early Biden Era

Timothy S. Rich

Our survey indicates a broadly shared concern about China in the United States, but not necessarily a consensus on what to do in regards to the economic challenges China poses.


Survey: South Koreans Oppose a More Open Refugee Policy

Timothy S. Rich

A study of South Korean attitudes towards refugees shows general opposition to a more open approach. Welcoming non-Korean and Muslim refugees receives lower support than welcoming North Korean refugees.


South Korea Lags Behind Taiwan on LGBT Rights

Timothy S. Rich

South Korea is unlikely to be the next in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage.


By the Numbers: The Challenges to Building Trust Between Taiwan and China

Timothy S. Rich

The data shows an alarming partisan disparity in Taiwanese views on cross-Strait relations.

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