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Timothy S. Rich is a professor of political science and the director of the International Public Opinion Lab (IPOL) at Western Kentucky University. His main research focuses on the electoral politics of Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. His broader research interests include the domestic and international politics of East Asia, and qualitative and quantitative methods.


Should Taiwan Consider a Runoff System for Presidential Elections?

Timothy S. Rich

Parties in Taiwan are unlikely to support the introduction of a runoff system in the upcoming three-way race.


Survey: For Americans, China Is a Bigger Threat Than Russia

Timothy S. Rich

Americans view Russia more negatively than China, but consider China the bigger threat.


Do Americans Support Recognizing Taiwan?

Timothy S. Rich

Survey shows Americans who view China more positively are less likely to support recognizing Taiwan as an independent country.


What Does It Mean if Micronesia Switches Recognition From China to Taiwan?

Timothy S. Rich

How does a potential switch in recognition fit into Taiwan’s broader diplomatic efforts?


How Worried Is Taiwan About a Chinese Invasion?

Timothy S. Rich

Survey shows the Taiwanese public is far less concerned about a Chinese invasion than citizens of other countries in the region.


How Does the Taiwanese Public View Efforts Against Misinformation?

Timothy S. Rich

Survey results have identified a crucial element in Taiwan’s fight against misinformation: the use of fact-checks.


To What Extent Do South Koreans Perceive North Korean Cyberattacks as a Threat?

Timothy S. Rich

A recent survey of South Koreans indicates that cyberattacks are viewed as a threat comparable to nuclear weapons, particularly among the elderly.


How Does the South Korean Public View Misinformation on Social Media?

Timothy S. Rich

Survey results suggest a continued challenge in finding broadly accepted efforts at combating misinformation—despite a general consensus among an otherwise polarized electorate on the value of responding.


South Korea: How Did the Pardon of Park Geun-hye Affect the Election?

Timothy S. Rich

A pre-election survey undermines the oft-cited idea that national unity in South Korea is promoted through pardons of former presidents.

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