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Tim Ferry is Taiwan Business Topics magazine’s associate editor and reporter. Prior to joining Taiwan Business Topics magazine in 2014, Tim was a frequent contributor, focusing primarily on issues related to energy, economy and technology.


Energy in Taiwan: Uncertainty in Liquefied Natural Gas

Tim Ferry

A natural gas receiving terminal has been postponed due to the potential impact on a coral reef.


Operating on the Edge: Huge Pressure on Taiwan's Power Supply

Tim Ferry

Concern is growing as to whether Taiwan can meet its objectives to both eliminate nuclear power and greatly cut carbon emissions by 2025. The reliance on nuclear has already fallen sharply, as several reactors that had to be temporarily shut down have not been brought back online. In the meantime, increased generation from coal-fired plants is taking up most of the slack. Due to regulatory and environmental obstacles, solar and wind projects are behind schedule.


Will Healthcare Bankrupt Taiwan?

Tim Ferry

Taiwan’s population is rapidly aging, challenging its vaunted healthcare system to continue supplying quality, affordable healthcare to all citizens.


Taiwan's Ticking Time Bomb

Tim Ferry

Taiwan is facing a social time bomb as its population ages. Critics question how the Tsai administration intends to pay for long-term care and ask what the implications are for the future.

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