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Timothy Ferry is Taiwan Business Topics magazine’s associate editor and reporter.

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Internet of Things Infrastructure Advances in Taiwan

Timothy Ferry

Sigfox's rollout of low power wide area network infrastructure heralds a new phase in the development of Taiwan's IOT ecosystem.


State-run Chunghwa Struggles With Taiwan's Surging Data Use

Timothy Ferry

Taiwan's internet is fast and cheap — but that's a problem for its telecoms players.


Blueprint of a Heist: Cracking Taiwan's US$2.5m ATM Hack

Timothy Ferry

Looking back at the First Bank’s ATM heist, one of Taiwan's biggest ever robberies.


Craft Beer in Taiwan: A Passion, Not a Fashion

Timothy Ferry

The number of breweries, and pubs offering their products, has been growing rapidly.


Tesla Arrives in Taiwan (Finally)

Timothy Ferry

Though car sales have just started, the company has been sourcing from Taiwan for some time.


Living in a Virtualized World

Timothy Ferry

AR and VR technologies are being lauded as the fourth wave of personal computing, but will scarce content and even scarcer components limit growth?

sunset in the windmills and coast in Taichung, Taiwan_風力發電_高美濕地_台中

FEATURE: Reaching Peak Energy in Taiwan

Timothy Ferry

Can Taiwan maintain reliable – and affordable – electricity prices even as it slashes greenhouse gas emissions?

A Taiwanese boy wears a slogan reading "Stop the 4th Nuclear Power Plant. Give Power Back to People," during a protest against the construction of Taiwan's fourth nuclear power plant to be completed i

FEATURE: An Early Nuclear-Free Homeland

Timothy Ferry

With both nuclear power plants in northern Taiwan soon to shut down, a significant gap in power supply is looming.


FEATURE: Taiwan’s 'Energiewende' – Developing Renewable Energy

Timothy Ferry

Massive investment in solar and wind power will be needed if Taiwan is to phase out nuclear energy at the same time as meeting its carbon abatement commitments.


How Healthy is Taiwan's Fitness Industry?

Timothy Ferry

Gym membership is growing rapidly in Taiwan, but still lags behind other Asian markets.

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