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The Third Pole

The Third Pole

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Third Pole Project was launched three years ago by, a not for profit web platform with offices in London, San Francisco, Delhi and Beijing. Established six years ago, its mission was to create a trusted, fully bilingual Chinese-English platform for news, analysis and opinion on climate change and the environment.


China’s Carbon Emissions on the Rise Again

The Third Pole

Rising coal consumption ends three years of decreasing emissions.


Global Climate Summit Dominated by Budget Cuts, Red Tape

The Third Pole

Many grants promised to countries to help combat climate change have been swapped out for loans.


Soaked China Sees ‘Sponge Cities’ as Flood Solution

The Third Pole

Permeable surfaces and green infrastructure are essential to absorbing rainwater, but China needs strong environmental governance and investment for this initiative to succeed.

Arctic landscape

The Loss of Glaciers in China has been Overestimated

The Third Pole

Chinese scientists, with new data from satellites, have found that glaciers on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau are melting slower than expected.


Sandmining is Destroying Asia’s Rivers

The Third Pole

Uncontrolled and mostly illegal extraction of sand and rocks from riverbeds for construction is killing rivers across South Asia and China, and must be tightly controlled.

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