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Third Pole Project was launched three years ago by, a not for profit web platform with offices in London, San Francisco, Delhi and Beijing. Established six years ago, its mission was to create a trusted, fully bilingual Chinese-English platform for news, analysis and opinion on climate change and the environment.


REVIEW: The Himalayan Arc, Journeys East of South-east

The Third Pole

Analysts, diplomats, journalists and authors give voice to a region that is growing in importance on the world stage.


PHOTO STORY: The Beauty of What Wildlife Remains

The Third Pole

A reminder of why the 40% of wildlife that remains on Earth compared with the 1970s is worth fighting to preserve.


OPINION: Laos Dam Disaster Offers Chance to Reassess Renewables Plan

The Third Pole

The decision to suspend hydropower projects offers Laos a chance to work with international partners and switch to less environmentally impactful renewables.


Eight Countries Unite to Protect Bay of Bengal Mangroves and Fisheries

The Third Pole

All eight countries around the bay have agreed to cooperate on a project to promote sustainable fishing.


Paw Prints: Photographing the Majestic Snow Leopard in the Himalayas

The Third Pole

Tashi Ghale talks about the joy and disappointments of capturing one of the world's most elusive predators on camera.


BOOK REVIEW: 'Happy Dreams' a China Trashpicker's Gem

The Third Pole

The book is not just a literary tour de force, but also an intimate insight into the hopes and despair of migrant workers in China.


Bhutan to Graduate from 'Least Developed Country' Status

The Third Pole

An interview with the Thunder Dragon Kingdom's Gross National Happiness Secretary.


What Can Fix the Disjointed Management of the Mekong River?

The Third Pole

Decades of distrust between governments means that the world's 12th longest river has only the loosest management.


Kazakhstan Trying to Wean Itself Off Chinese Water

The Third Pole

Water efficiency may be the solution to Kazakhstan's dependence on rivers with headwaters in China.

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