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The Japan Times is Japan’s oldest English language newspaper. Today it is the country’s only independent English-language newspaper.

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2016/10/02 | The Japan Times

OPINION: Land Prices Reveal Japan's Growing Divide

A gap is growing in land prices between the four major regional cities of Sapporo, Sendai, Hiroshima and Fukuoka, and the rest of the regional economies.

2016/09/29 | The Japan Times

OPINION: U.S. Presidential Debate Unnerving for Asia

For non-American viewers, the first U.S. presidential debate provided ample cause for alarm.

2016/09/28 | The Japan Times

OPINION: Human Genome Editing, Designer Babies and Japan

Given the potential benefits and risks of genome editing, the government should develop strict rules to regulate the technique.

2016/09/23 | The Japan Times

OPINION: China's Slowdown Hits Tourist Spending in Japan

Despite a spike in the number of people flocking to Japan, tourist spending is losing steam.

2016/09/20 | The Japan Times

OPINION: Preventing Youth Suicides in Japan

Why do more than 300 Japanese schoolchildren take their own lives every year?

2016/09/14 | The Japan Times

OPINION: What’s Next After the G20 Summit?

Now that the China-hosted summit is over, will Beijing ramp up its South China Sea agenda?

2016/09/08 | The Japan Times

OP-ED: What Should Follow the Abe-Xi Talks

The two leaders need to keep their word and work to establish the maritime and aerial communication mechanism.

2016/09/02 | The Japan Times

OPINION: Behind the Rising Tide of North Korean Defections

A recent spate of defections suggests that some North Korean elites are losing faith in the country's future under Kim Jong Un.

2016/08/29 | The Japan Times

OPINION: Northeast Asia Tensions Rise amid Diplomatic Vacuum

Japan, China and South Korea need to realize that tensions over their differences rise in the absence of top-level diplomatic contacts.

2016/08/24 | The Japan Times

OPINION: Japan's Stance on Nuclear Weapons 'Twisted'

Prime Minister Abe needs to show that Japan is serious about seeking a world free of nuclear weapons.

2016/08/22 | The Japan Times

OPINION: Stop International Tax Havens

Efforts to crack down on tax havens are starting to pick up steam, and none too soon.

2016/08/20 | The Japan Times

OPINION: Putin's Very Good Summer

It is not clear if Vladimir Putin understands the limits of Russia's power or Western patience. A miscalculation of either could prove disastrous.

2016/08/18 | The Japan Times

OPINION: Japan Should Strengthen Ties with Iran

Japan should consider more proactive steps to beef up its relations with Tehran, by building on the bilateral investment treaty signed in February to boost economic ties.

2016/08/16 | The Japan Times

OPINION: Abe's Wrong Call on Dispute over U.S. Air Base in Okinawa

The Abe administration should realize that a court battle won't bring about a positive resolution to the Okinawa base dispute.

2016/08/15 | The Japan Times

OPINION: A New Era for South Africa?

The African National Congress can no longer claim without challenge the allegiance of South Africa's black voters.

2016/08/11 | The Japan Times

OP-ED: A Veneer of Legitimacy for Thailand

Thailand's new constitution locks in the role of the military as the guiding force in Thai politics.

2016/08/10 | The Japan Times

OP-ED: Japan's Faltering Regional Revitalization

The Abe administration's regional revitalization policy has done little to close the growing gap in wealth and population between the large metropolitan areas and the rest of the nation.

2016/08/08 | The Japan Times

OP-ED: Abe’s Unrivaled Position of Power

Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's political power is unrivaled — does he have what it takes to make the most of it?