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The Japan Times is Japan’s oldest English language newspaper. Today it is the country’s only independent English-language newspaper.

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Japan Should Take More Proactive Climate Action

The Japan Times

Japan’s efforts toward cutting its own emissions have failed to impress internationally. It needs to demonstrate that it is serious about combating climate change by taking concrete action and coming up with more ambitious long-term plans.


The ICC: Death by A Thousand Cuts

The Japan Times

The International Criminal Court is not perfect but it has proven able to make a difference. It must not be allowed to fail.


A Questionable Nuclear Deal Between Japan and India

The Japan Times

Doubts persist though the accord says the cooperation will be restricted to peaceful purposes.


Japan Cutting Down on Passive Smoking Before 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The Japan Times

It is not that Japan lacks legislation to control smoking in public spaces, but it carries no punishment for those who fail to take such steps.


Hong Kong’s Autonomy Eroded

The Japan Times

Beijing could take moves to ease its concerns, but it would permanently embitter pro-democracy forces in Hong Kong and confirm to others, especially in Taiwan, that Beijing’s promises are empty.


Japan’s Hypocritical Nuclear Stance

The Japan Times

Japan’s vote at the United Nations last week contradicts the nation’s long-standing call for the elimination of such weapons.


Scandal Rocks Seoul

The Japan Times

'The scandal means that all of Park’s initiatives are more susceptible to criticism, and the temptation for outside powers, such as North Korea and China, to meddle in the campaign is increasing.'


Laws Alone Won’t Stop Bullying in Japan

The Japan Times

Teachers and school officials need to recognize their duty to detect signs of bullying at an early stage and take prompt action to stop it.


Foreign Trainees As Caregivers in Japan?

The Japan Times

'It is not the proper way to deal with the staff shortage in the nursing care sector'


Japan Still Grappling with Tsunami Deaths Lawsuit

The Japan Times

The case shouldn't be closed on the tsunami disaster at Okawa Elementary School until all testimony is heard and all evidence weighed.

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