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The Japan Times

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The Japan Times is Japan’s oldest English language newspaper. Today it is the country’s only independent English-language newspaper.

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Tokyo Seeks to Keep Olympic Costs Down

The Japan Times

As the host for the 2020 Olympics, Japan is expecting costs for the event to be three-times higher than originally expected.


Casino Legislation In Japan on the Fast Track

The Japan Times

There may be pros and cons about legalizing casinos, but the way the legislation is being pushed through the Diet does little to assure it will be a safe bet.


Abe’s Tribute at Pearl Harbor

The Japan Times

The sensitivities that surround a Japanese prime minister’s visit to Pearl Harbor — and a U.S. president’s visit to Hiroshima — remind us that reconciliation over the war is still an issue between Japan and the U.S.


Worrying Signals About Trump’s Diplomacy

The Japan Times

For some, Trump’s disregard for precedent and protocol is refreshing and amusing; for many others, his actions are troubling and dangerous.


Japan Plans to Stop Asistance For Fukushima’s Voluntary Evacuees

The Japan Times

'As of July, some 89,000 Fukushima people continued to live away from their homes.'


The Democratic Party of Japan's Unclear Path

The Japan Times

The party's popular ratings stands at 8 percent, and as yet has not given a clear message to the people on what kind of government it seeks to establish and how it would accomplish this goal.


Another Twist in the Park Scandal

The Japan Times

Even if Park Geun-hye does step down, the vacuum at the apex of South Korean politics will persist; yet if she remains in office, Park will be too wounded to govern.


Preventing Car Accidents Involving Seniors In Japan

The Japan Times

The Japanese national and local governments should take concrete steps to prevent car accidents involving senior citizens.


Japan's Whistleblowers Need More Protection

The Japan Times

The law on whistleblowers lacks the teeth to protect employees who reveal wrongdoings, a situation that needs correcting.

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Inexcusable Response in Japan Bullying Case

The Japan Times

'The slow response of the teachers at the school and board of education officials demonstrates their lack of empathy towards the boy and other people who have experienced great suffering.'

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