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The Japan Times

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The Japan Times is Japan’s oldest English language newspaper. Today it is the country’s only independent English-language newspaper.

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The Cost of Cleaning Up Fukushima

The Japan Times

Tepco should pay for the decommissioning of its reactors, compensation for the victims, and cleanup of the contaminated areas.


Review the Failure of Japan's Monju Project

The Japan Times

The Japanese government should conduct a thorough examination of why the Monju project ended in failure and hold open discussion on whether the nuclear fuel cycle is still a feasible option for the country.

Buoys floated for relocation  site in Heneko

Dispute Simmers on for New U.S. Military Facility in Japan

The Japan Times

The U.S. and Japan governments have failed to persuade citizens of the relocation of a new U.S. military base to Henoko, Okinawa.


China Tests the United States

The Japan Times

China has frequently tested U.S. leaders as soon as they take office and Trump’s statements have raised the stakes for Beijing.


Four Years of Abe in Power

The Japan Times

Four years on, Abe’s grip on power seems as strong as ever. The question remains how and where he will use his ample political resources.


A Step Forward for Japan-Russia Ties

The Japan Times

Joint operations in the disputed islands off Hokkaido could help enhance Japan-Russia relations.


The U.S. Air Base Noise Pollution Problem in Japan

The Japan Times

The government should open talks with the United States to fully explain the plight of residents around U.S. military installations and prod it to take concrete and effective measures to reduce their hardship.


Japan’s Ratification of the TPP

The Japan Times

Japan needs a Plan B for the likely-doomed TPP to boost its economy.


Google’s Commitment to Go Green

The Japan Times

Government commitments are important, but even more durable and compelling are steps by companies like Google.


China Controls Its WTO Destiny

The Japan Times

China cannot enjoy the advantages of market economy status while avoiding the costs it entails.

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