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The Japan Times is Japan’s oldest English language newspaper. Today it is the country’s only independent English-language newspaper.

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Japan's Energy Policy Needs Overhaul

The Japan Times

The government’s long-standing claim to the cost advantage of nuclear power over other energy sources must be reassessed and the energy policy should be reviewed.


Promoting Local Autonomy in Japan

The Japan Times

Transferring administrative power from the central to local governments may not be enough to realize true local autonomy.


Japan Plans Harsher Punishment For Rape

The Japan Times

The amendment aims to protect the victims' rights and transform people’s idea of sexual crimes in Japan.


Japan's Political Landscape in 2017

The Japan Times

The Abe administration remains unchallenged within Japan, but a Trump presidency brings turbulence.


Japan's State-sponsored Scholarships

The Japan Times

Japan's government is in need to improve its scholarship program with half of its university students relying on student loans while 60,000 children from low-income households enter college each year.

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Democracy Under Siege in 2017?

The Japan Times

Democrats the world over must be alert to growing strains in their societies, and those of friends and allies. They must prepare to fight for tolerance, respect for the rule of law and the values that have defined the post-World War II world.


Abenomics Four Years On

The Japan Times

Four years on, it’s time to move forward.


The Year the Establishment Failed

The Japan Times

Key events in 2016 were moments of disintegration that exposed a frail and fragile political order.


Beyond Abe’s Pearl Harbor Visit

The Japan Times

While the visit to Pearl Harbor marks a 'historic gesture' with the U.S., Japan should realize that reconciliation should not be limited to close allies.


Better Court Interpreters Needed in Japan

The Japan Times

200 errors and omissions regarding the testimony translated by Japanese court interpreters were found for a mortar attack trial.

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