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The Japan Times is Japan’s oldest English language newspaper. Today it is the country’s only independent English-language newspaper.

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Discussions on Japan's Imperial Abdication

The Japan Times

The public should have a say in the discussion on Imperial abdication.


Local Consumption Still Key to Japan's Growth

The Japan Times

What are the factors behind Japan's slow growth of personal consumption?


A Murder in Kuala Lumpur

The Japan Times

Kim Jong Nam’s murder is a reminder that the North Korean government at its essence is — literally — a murderous regime and must be treated as such.


Tokyo Olympics Pose Challenge for Japanese Farmers

The Japan Times

Time is running out for Japanese farmers to obtain the Global GAP certificate in order to serve their products at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

監獄_Interior of a prison cell with light shining through a barred window

A Growing Silence in Russia for Opposition Voices

The Japan Times

A Russian court last week convicted Alexei Navalny, the face of the opposition movement in the country, on charges of embezzlement.


Time to Repair Tokyo-Seoul Ties

The Japan Times

Tokyo and Seoul can't afford to let bilateral ties languish given the regional threat posed by North Korea.


Japan's Adult Guardianship System Needs More Attention

The Japan Times

Japan's system for providing guardians for incapacitated adults is both under-used and in dire need of improvement.


Scientists and Dual-use Technologies in Japan

The Japan Times

Scientists in Japan are concerned with whether the results of their research will be used for the right purposes.


A Good Start for Abe and Trump?

The Japan Times

The two leaders two leaders emphasized that they remain fully committed to strengthening the economic relationships, despite earlier criticism by Trump on trading with Japan.


Reversing Population Flow to Tokyo

The Japan Times

The Abe administration's efforts to reduce the flow of people into the greater Tokyo area from other prefectures are not having much success.

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