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The Japan Times is Japan’s oldest English language newspaper. Today it is the country’s only independent English-language newspaper.

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Japan Witholding Millions in UNESCO Contributions

The Japan Times

If Japan is unhappy with the way UNESCO is run, it should present rational proposals to improve the operation from within instead of by resorting to financial pressures.


Alarming Assault on the Internet in the U.S.

The Japan Times

Last week's crippling cyberattacks in the U.S. are a harbinger of the digital future and the ever more visible vulnerabilities of a networked world.


Heading for All-Out War in Yemen

The Japan Times

Reinvigorated diplomacy that will culminate in a power-sharing agreement is needed to halt Yemen's slide to civil war and avert a humanitarian catastrophe.


Protecting People Against Quakes

The Japan Times

Japan's government should focus on improving defenses against quakes rather than spending resources on the extremely difficult task of predicting when they will strike.


Voters Send Anti-Nuclear Message in Japan

The Japan Times

Niigata's gubernatorial election result on Sunday shows the public is still wary of restarting idled nuclear power plants.


Solving Japan's Abdication Question

The Japan Times

Japan's 82-year-old Emperor, who underwent heart bypass surgery in 2012 but is currently not believed to have any pressing health problems, has indicated his wish to retire.


The Cost of of Pulling the Plug on Nuclear Reactors in Japan

The Japan Times

The Japanese government is thinking about ways to protect major electricity suppliers from the massive costs they face to decommission their nuclear reactors. The government needs to reflect on the real meaning of the measures it is contemplating.


OPINION: Questioning Capital Punishment in Japan

The Japan Times

The time has come for truly meaningful discussions on whether Japan should keep executing prisoners.


OPINION: Timbuktu and the Historic Ruling to Protect Culture

The Japan Times

A country stripped of its history during war is rendered an orphan.


OPINION: UN Secretary-General Choice Disappointing for Women

The Japan Times

The failure to follow through on the expectation that the next U.N. secretary-general would be a woman is a reminder of the flaws in that selection process and the glass ceiling that more than half the world's population continues to confront.

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