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The Japan Times is Japan’s oldest English language newspaper. Today it is the country’s only independent English-language newspaper.

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2016/08/22 | The Japan Times

OPINION: Stop International Tax Havens

Efforts to crack down on tax havens are starting to pick up steam, and none too soon.

2017/02/17 | The Japan Times

Time to Repair Tokyo-Seoul Ties

Tokyo and Seoul can't afford to let bilateral ties languish given the regional threat posed by North Korea.

2017/03/24 | The Japan Times

Japan's Plans to Penalize Uncommitted Crimes

The potential law amendment will widen government surveillance of its citizens and is being questioned for intruding people’s privacy.

2016/10/04 | The Japan Times

OPINION: Backbone Needed to Curb Nuclear Testing

More efforts are needed to get all nations on board the UN's Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

2016/10/17 | The Japan Times

The Cost of of Pulling the Plug on Nuclear Reactors in Japan

The Japanese government is thinking about ways to protect major electricity suppliers from the massive costs they face to decommission their nuclear reactors. The government needs to reflect on the real meaning of the measures it is contemplating.

2017/02/06 | The Japan Times

Japan Seeking Nature Heritage Status for Islands

The Japanese government recently submitted a proposal to UNESCO for two islands in Kagoshima Prefecture.

2017/02/24 | The Japan Times

Problems with Retired Japanese Officials Seeking Jobs

Japan faces problems with government officials seeking to secure post-retirement job opportunities with businesses and organizations that want to build and maintain connections with the bureaucracy that oversees their industries.

2016/11/03 | The Japan Times

Scandal Rocks Seoul

'The scandal means that all of Park’s initiatives are more susceptible to criticism, and the temptation for outside powers, such as North Korea and China, to meddle in the campaign is increasing.'

2016/12/14 | The Japan Times

Google’s Commitment to Go Green

Government commitments are important, but even more durable and compelling are steps by companies like Google.

2016/12/05 | The Japan Times

Japan Plans to Stop Asistance For Fukushima’s Voluntary Evacuees

'As of July, some 89,000 Fukushima people continued to live away from their homes.'

2016/08/03 | The Japan Times

OP-ED: Tough Road Ahead for Tokyo's First Female Governor

The first woman elected to serve as governor of Tokyo now faces her toughest task — putting her words into action.

2017/01/14 | The Japan Times

Redefining The ‘Elderly’ Age in Japan

In the face of mushrooming social security costs in an aging society, the government plans to start making elderly people with incomes above certain levels shoulder a greater burden of their medical and nursing care expenses.

2017/01/21 | The Japan Times

Varied Agenda in Japan's Wage Talks

The behavior and mindset of Japanese businesses need to change in order to fundamentally address the labor problems in the country.

2017/01/03 | The Japan Times

Abenomics Four Years On

Four years on, it’s time to move forward.

2017/02/09 | The Japan Times

Limiting the 'Right to be Forgotten'

According to the Supreme Court of Japan, search results can be ordered deleted only when the value of privacy protection clearly surpasses that of information disclosure.

2016/09/28 | The Japan Times

OPINION: Human Genome Editing, Designer Babies and Japan

Given the potential benefits and risks of genome editing, the government should develop strict rules to regulate the technique.

2016/10/07 | The Japan Times

OPINION: Japan's Nobel Prize a Warning for Government

Japan is putting too much emphasis on short-term scientific research that is expected to produce quick results and commercial benefits.

2016/12/27 | The Japan Times

The Cost of Cleaning Up Fukushima

Tepco should pay for the decommissioning of its reactors, compensation for the victims, and cleanup of the contaminated areas.