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The Japan Times is Japan’s oldest English language newspaper. Today it is the country’s only independent English-language newspaper.

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2017/02/20 | The Japan Times

Tokyo Olympics Pose Challenge for Japanese Farmers

Time is running out for Japanese farmers to obtain the Global GAP certificate in order to serve their products at the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

2017/01/06 | The Japan Times

Japan's Political Landscape in 2017

The Abe administration remains unchallenged within Japan, but a Trump presidency brings turbulence.

2016/12/21 | The Japan Times

China Tests the United States

China has frequently tested U.S. leaders as soon as they take office and Trump’s statements have raised the stakes for Beijing.

2016/10/18 | The Japan Times

Solving Japan's Abdication Question

Japan's 82-year-old Emperor, who underwent heart bypass surgery in 2012 but is currently not believed to have any pressing health problems, has indicated his wish to retire.

2017/01/10 | The Japan Times

Promoting Local Autonomy in Japan

Transferring administrative power from the central to local governments may not be enough to realize true local autonomy.

2016/08/08 | The Japan Times

OP-ED: Abe’s Unrivaled Position of Power

Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's political power is unrivaled — does he have what it takes to make the most of it?

2016/12/28 | The Japan Times

Better Court Interpreters Needed in Japan

200 errors and omissions regarding the testimony translated by Japanese court interpreters were found for a mortar attack trial.

2017/01/16 | The Japan Times

Japan Should Join U.N. Nuclear Arms Ban Talks

Japan has the duty to take part and play a meaningful role in the negotiations as a nation that knows firsthand what are the consequences of a nuclear attack.

2017/03/16 | The Japan Times

South Korea Must Now Move On

South Korea's next leader faces several daunting challenges.

2017/03/07 | The Japan Times

China's Heavy Hand in Xinjiang

China is right to worry about the dangers of Islamic extremism in its western provinces, but it must also recognize that this threat is a result of Beijing’s own policies.

2017/02/02 | The Japan Times

OPINION: Beware Risks in China’s Economy

Japan braces for the impact of jitters in the Chinese economy.

2017/01/19 | The Japan Times

Global Charity Oxfam New Report Alarms Wealth Concentration

Oxfam reckons that eight individuals — Bill Gates, Amancio Ortega (founder of Inditex, a fashion group), Warren Buffett, Carlos Slim, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison and Michael Bloomberg — own the same amount of wealth as the 3.6 billion people who make up the poorest half of humanity.

2017/01/23 | The Japan Times

Japan's Unaddressed Succession Issues

Questions regarding the Imperial succession should continue to be discussed so that the government will not be cornered into making decisions only after a situation arises in the future that demands quick action.

2017/02/23 | The Japan Times

Discussions on Japan's Imperial Abdication

The public should have a say in the discussion on Imperial abdication.

2017/03/30 | The Japan Times

Arrest in China Unnerves Australia

China's detention of a Sydney professor spotlights its questionable record when it comes to respect for academic freedom and human rights, and casts a shadow over Sino-Australian relations.

2016/12/06 | The Japan Times

Worrying Signals About Trump’s Diplomacy

For some, Trump’s disregard for precedent and protocol is refreshing and amusing; for many others, his actions are troubling and dangerous.

2016/12/19 | The Japan Times

A Step Forward for Japan-Russia Ties

Joint operations in the disputed islands off Hokkaido could help enhance Japan-Russia relations.