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The Japan Times is Japan’s oldest English language newspaper. Today it is the country’s only independent English-language newspaper.

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2016/10/02 | The Japan Times

OPINION: Land Prices Reveal Japan's Growing Divide

A gap is growing in land prices between the four major regional cities of Sapporo, Sendai, Hiroshima and Fukuoka, and the rest of the regional economies.

2016/12/13 | The Japan Times

China Controls Its WTO Destiny

China cannot enjoy the advantages of market economy status while avoiding the costs it entails.

2016/10/05 | The Japan Times

OPINION: Kashmir Again On The Boil

India needs to maintain its restraint over Kashmir, but the backers of violence there must pay a price for their support of extremism.

2016/10/03 | The Japan Times

OPINION: Serial Poisoning in a Japanese Hospital

Hospitals aren't always the safe places we hope they are.

2016/11/25 | The Japan Times

Inexcusable Response in Japan Bullying Case

'The slow response of the teachers at the school and board of education officials demonstrates their lack of empathy towards the boy and other people who have experienced great suffering.'

2016/07/22 | The Japan Times

Fixing China’s Troubled Economy

'There are worrying indications that the Chinese economy is either on the verge of falling or has already fallen into deflation.'

2017/02/14 | The Japan Times

A Good Start for Abe and Trump?

The two leaders two leaders emphasized that they remain fully committed to strengthening the economic relationships, despite earlier criticism by Trump on trading with Japan.

2016/07/13 | The Japan Times

Japan Election: Abe’s New Voter Mandate

Voters in Japan may not be entirely happy with Abenomics, but they did not see a credible alternative in the opposition parties.

2016/08/15 | The Japan Times

OPINION: A New Era for South Africa?

The African National Congress can no longer claim without challenge the allegiance of South Africa's black voters.

2016/12/15 | The Japan Times

Japan’s Ratification of the TPP

Japan needs a Plan B for the likely-doomed TPP to boost its economy.

2016/12/12 | The Japan Times

Tokyo Seeks to Keep Olympic Costs Down

As the host for the 2020 Olympics, Japan is expecting costs for the event to be three-times higher than originally expected.

2017/01/18 | The Japan Times

Abe must Make an Effort in Easing Asia-Pacific Tensions

The Abe administration should approach both Washington and Beijing in an effort to help ease mutual tensions and work for stability in the Asia-Pacific region.

2016/12/29 | The Japan Times

Beyond Abe’s Pearl Harbor Visit

While the visit to Pearl Harbor marks a 'historic gesture' with the U.S., Japan should realize that reconciliation should not be limited to close allies.

2017/01/05 | The Japan Times

Japan's State-sponsored Scholarships

Japan's government is in need to improve its scholarship program with half of its university students relying on student loans while 60,000 children from low-income households enter college each year.

2016/11/23 | The Japan Times

The ICC: Death by A Thousand Cuts

The International Criminal Court is not perfect but it has proven able to make a difference. It must not be allowed to fail.

2016/08/18 | The Japan Times

OPINION: Japan Should Strengthen Ties with Iran

Japan should consider more proactive steps to beef up its relations with Tehran, by building on the bilateral investment treaty signed in February to boost economic ties.