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The Interpreter is published by the Lowy Institute, an independent, nonpartisan think tank based in Sydney. It publishes daily commentary and analysis on international events.


Myanmar’s Intelligence War: The Battle of Wits and Wiles Against the Junta

The Interpreter

In a country where spies and informers have been ever-present, the opposition has built its own intelligence apparatus.


Explaining China’s Central Asia Pivot

The Interpreter

Beijing’s ambition with its western neighbors is more about heading off U.S. influence than a quest to dominate.


Why the WHO Needs Taiwan

The Interpreter

Taiwan is again blocked from attending the World Health Assembly amid a sustained campaign by Chinese officials to deny it a seat at the table.


Thailand’s Election: Will the Country Move Forward?

The Interpreter

The Kingdom’s conservative forces may have little option but to give way to the elected parties, at least for now.


Does Thailand’s Election Matter?

The Interpreter

The election could be a plus for Thailand’s regional role, which has been sadly diminished over the past two decades.


The Two Big Flaws in Penny Wong’s Talk of Deterrence Over Taiwan

The Interpreter

It’s wishful thinking to dismiss debate on the most difficult and important foreign policy question as a “parlor game.”


What Does China Want in Ukraine?

The Interpreter

Beijing has reservations about Putin’s war, but seeing Moscow take a beating is not in China’s interests.


Paying for a New Thai Democracy

The Interpreter

The real winners are far from clear, but Thailand’s populist, party jumping election is Asia’s vote to watch this year.


Japan Feels the Pinch As Fertilizer Costs Soar Thanks to Russia’s War

The Interpreter

Russia’s war in Ukraine disrupted the flow of resources like natural gas, on which the production of chemical fertilizers relies heavily.


Japan and South Korea: A Logical but Uneasy Alignment

The Interpreter

Is a compensation deal to right colonial-era wrongs part of a strategic shift towards rapprochement?

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