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Why 40°C Is Bearable in a Desert but Lethal in the Tropics

The Conversation

Being deprived of shade exposes the body to heat from direct sunlight, while higher humidity means that the rate of evaporation from our skin will decrease. It’s this humidity that meant the recent heatwave in south-east Asia was so dangerous, as it’s already an extremely humid part of the world.


The US Is About to Blow up a Fake Warship in the South China Sea – But Naval Rivalry With Beijing Is Very Real and Growing

The Conversation

About one-third of the world’s shipping transits the South China Sea. In all, more than US$3.4 trillion worth of products is transported through its waters every year.


Military Violence in Myanmar Is Worsening Amid Fierce Resistance and International Ambivalence

The Conversation

The escalating violence in Myanmar can be attributed to a miscalculation by the military regime over the resistance of the people and the ambivalence from the international community.


Xi and Putin Meeting Signals the Return of the China-Russia Axis and the Start of a Second Cold War

The Conversation

China’s and Russia’s roles have been reversed, and their ambitions restored — not in the name of communist ideology, but in light of an aggressive, militarist nationalism that animates both regimes.


Did China’s Balloon Violate International Law?

The Conversation

While balloons may no longer be valued for their war-fighting ability, they retain a unique capacity to undertake surveillance.


Why Has the West Given Billions in Military Aid to Ukraine, but Virtually Ignored Myanmar?

The Conversation

It proves challenging to build a narrative around the Myanmar crisis due to the complexities within the country.


Why Does Nepal’s Aviation Industry Have Safety Issues? An Expert Explains

The Conversation

Nepal has recorded at least 350 casualties associated with airplanes or helicopters since 2000. The EU has banned all Nepali airlines from operating in the bloc’s airspace since 2013.


Yes, the Chinese Protests Are About Politics and Freedom. But They Are Also About What Covid Might Do if It Is Let Loose Now

The Conversation

The zero-Covid policy has become an effective platform for young people to demand greater political freedom.


North Korea’s Flurry of Missile Tests Raises Alarm – But Are We Seeing Anything New?

The Conversation

The sustained pace of missile launches may serve as a distraction to focus the North Korean people’s gaze on the external enemy rather than their own distress and the government’s role in it.


Xi Cements His Power at Chinese Communist Party Congress – But He Is Still Exposed on the Economy

The Conversation

With a collapsing real estate sector weighing on a stretched banking system, the economy is Xi’s vulnerability.

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