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The China Policy Institute is a research center based at the University of Nottingham focusing on all aspects of contemporary China, Taiwan and China's global engagement.


Can Women's Football Catch On in China?

Despite systemic issues, women are outpacing men in China's football arena.


Social Media and the Future of Queer China

Chinese media's normalization of homosexuality in the wake of the Sina Weibo backlash only applies to those who fit Party-sanctioned identities.


Quantifying China's Expat Community

Suzhou's predominant groups of foreigners are staff employed by multinationals, university staff and independent traders.


African Students Drawn to China Often Rebuffed by Racism

Migrating to study in China presents African students with the possibility of securing better futures, but also exclusion and abjection.


North Koreans in China Face Exclusion and Mortal Deportation Risk

After crossing a perilous border, North Korean refugees in China face hardship, exploitation and mortal danger.


What's Behind China's Confused Communications?

China sends contradictory messages to audiences at home and abroad – the question is whether this is deliberate.


China Is Ensnared in an Energy Security Dilemma

China's faces hard ethical questions regarding its energy policies.


China and Russia Make Strange Arctic Bedfellows

A tentative 'Polar Silk Road' seeks to help Russia and China reinforce each other's interests in the arctic.

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