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The Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative

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The Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative is an interactive, regularly-updated source for information, analysis, and policy exchange on maritime security issues in Asia. It was launched by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

RTX11HBT 釣魚島

Who Is Ready to Play Chicken in the East China Sea?

In the face of steadily increasing Chinese pressure, Japan is taking steps to bolster its defense and coast guard capabilities in the Southwest Islands — those territories nearest to the Senkakus.

RTSJZPQ 中國 美濟礁

Creating Facts on the Sea: China's Plan to Establish a New City in the South China Sea

China’s behavior in the Paracels is important to analyze because of its role as a blueprint for developments in the Spratlys.


The Modernization of the Vietnam People's Navy: Grand Goals and Limited Options

For a small and developing navy like the VPN, an understanding of naval strategy is fundamental in the face of bigger and more technologically advanced opponents.

RTSJZPQ 中國 美濟礁

China's 'Big Three' Near Completion in the South China Sea

China is wrapping up construction of its military facilities in the Spratly Islands.

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