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Tatiana Van den Haute is a bachelor graduate from Sciences Po Paris, having spent the last three-year studies focusing on Europe-Asia relations and meanwhile, undertaking studies and professional experiences within the fields of politics, diplomacy, international & constitutional law, China-Taiwan relations, etc.. She is currently a researcher and writer for Safe Spaces Taiwan Ltd. She can be reached at tativdh@icloud.com.

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Walking the Talk: Germany’s New China Strategy

Tatiana Van den Haute

Germany's new China strategy aims to reduce dependence on China while maintaining economic relations. The strategy document reflects Europe's trend towards de-risking and addresses the changing dynamics of China's global position.


Italy’s Potential ‘Soft Exit’ From the BRI, Reflects China’s Declining Influence

Italy’s potential withdrawal from China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) reflects growing mistrust towards China, arisen due to concerns over diminishing economic benefits, debt traps, and incongruent ideologies.


‘Partner, Competitor, and Systemic Rival’: EU’s Strategical Ambiguity On China

Tatiana Van den Haute

The European Union maintains a strategical relationship of “ambiguity” with China, in order to retain trade deals and diplomacy with China while staying aligned with Western democratic values.

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