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Taiwan Insight is the online magazine of the University of Nottingham's Taiwan Studies Program.


Mountain Hiking as Taiwan’s New National Pastime

Taiwan Insight

Taiwan’s high mountains used to be closed to its citizens until the 1990s. Now, many are willing to take strenuous efforts to enjoy the high-altitude scenery.

花蓮最美縣道添新亮點 馬賽克拼貼藝術牆

“We Are Not Puppies, We Are Who We Are:” A Voice From the Indigenous Taiwanese Diaspora

Taiwan Insight

“People would only know that you are good at singing and dancing as an Indigenous person, and they are barely interested in who you really are.”


Not Obedience But Dignity: A Message From a Former Migrant Worker

Taiwan Insight

A former domestic worker in Hong Kong for over ten years, Iweng Karsiwen is currently the Chair of Families of Indonesian Migrant Workers (Kabar Bumi). In this exposé, Iweng tells of her experience and challenges with the industry.


How Well Does Taiwan Support People With Disabilities?

Taiwan Insight

Taiwan's medical establishment views the disabled body as something that needs to be fixed, and this discourages people with disabilities from participating in society.


Keeping the Door Open: How Taiwan’s Gender Quotas Brought More Women Into Office – and Why We Need More

Taiwan Insight

Unless Taiwan addresses the underlying social pressures that constrain would-be female politicians, gender quotas will only be able to nudge women just a little closer to equal participation.


Prosecution of a Fraudulent Labor Agency in Taichung: An Insight on the Exploitation of Migrant Workers in Taiwan

Taiwan Insight

In January, authorities indicted four people for illegally recruiting Vietnamese workers and docking half of their wage. It is time that Taiwan address structural issues in its recruitment scheme for migrant workers.


Why the Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) Conflict Should Matter to Taiwan

Taiwan Insight

The way that the world reacts to Azerbaijan’s attempt to recover Nagorno-Karabakh represents a test case for how the world might respond to a Chinese attack on Taiwan.

北車大廳 假日聚集人潮(1)

The Problem of Taiwan’s Lost-Contact Migrant Workers’ ‘Illicit Enjoyment’

Taiwan Insight

Financially strained, migrant workers in Taiwan can turn to cheap drugs and alcohol after a day of backbreaking work.


The Growing Complexity and Diversity of Taiwanese Families

Taiwan Insight

Taiwan currently vies with South Korea for having the lowest total fertility rate in the world.


Crossing Paths: How Should Taiwan Approach India?

Taiwan Insight

Taiwan should go through the New Southbound Policy to deepen connections with India beyond the purview of political or economic exchanges.

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