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Taiwan Panorama Magazine was founded in 1976. It is published monthly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Chinese, English and Japanese. Our mission is to showcase Taiwan’s social, economic and political life, tourism, and ongoing cultural evolution with insightful writing and vibrant photographs. Today, Taiwan Panorama is available in over 100 countries worldwide in print, digitally and online.

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Island Storytellers: Trees in Contemporary Taiwan

Taiwan Panorama

How can trees tell the stories of Taiwan?


Screenwriters up Their Game: Bringing Taiwanese Drama to the World

Taiwan Panorama

With the most free and democratic society in the Mandarin-speaking world, Taiwan’s government and companies are working together to produce original content that attracts the international audience.


The Shows We Loved, the Shows We Love: Taiwanese TV Drama Looks to the Future

Taiwan Panorama

The diversity and tolerance of Taiwanese society have allowed film and TV creators to unleash their creativity by taking on the challenge of turning tough social issues into exciting dramas.

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