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TAIPEI is a quarterly magazine published in both English and Japanese editions, providing foreign residents and overseas tourists with useful information on Taipei’s feature events, tourist attractions, fine foods, historical sites, and cultural practices. It is a medium that visitors can utilize to better understand Taipei City. TAIPEI is available for free at MRT stations, Taipei Visitor Information Centers, National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and Eslite Bookstores.


Follow Old-School Taipeiers Through Dalongdong


Like other settlements along the Tamsui River, Dalongdong was one of the first areas to develop in Taipei. It’s also a traditional gathering place for literary and artistic youth in Taipei.


Four Inconspicuous Restaurants That Need No Name To Shine


These small restaurants in Taipei may not have a gorgeous look, but they have been serving the same dishes for decades — and locals love them for their simplicity.


Hidden in Plain Sight: Secret Spots in Taipei’s Most Popular Places


Here are some secret spots in Taipei's most popular areas you have probably never stopped by.


Taipei’s Vegetarian and Vegan Food Culture


An American who started the first full vegan restaurant in Taipei wants everyone to take their first step to save the planet by enjoying plant-based food.


Food Sustainability in Taipei, One Neighborhood at a Time — Starting in Nanjichang


Two decades ago, a village chief in Taipei set up the city's first food bank to redistribute unused or unwanted food to those in need in the community. As people are becoming more conscious of food sustainability, he is looking to spread the revolution of “continuous food” across Taipei.


Blue Note Taipei: Hallowed Ground for Lovers of Jazz


The 2020 Taipei Jazz Festival is happening right now — and Blue Note Taipei is the place to start.


Traditional Markets: Extraordinary Witnesses of Ordinary Times


Forget about night markets. Traditional markets in Taipei are the best places to scout for cheap and delicious foods.


Your Guide to Taipei’s Dragon Boat Festival


No spectators are allowed at the dragon boat competition this year, but you can watch the race online or on TV. And feel free to devour all the rice dumplings you can.


Beat the Taipei Heat This Summer With These 5 Family-Friendly Outdoor Destinations


Are you looking for places to go in Taipei besides your air-conditioned living room during the excruciatingly hot summer? Here are some family-friendly destinations where you can enjoy some outdoor fun and cool off.

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