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Syrena Lin is a headhunter and a former legislative assistant in Taipei.


Can Social Distancing Free Us From Networking?

Syrena Lin

As social activities are at an all-time low, are we realizing that social events and networking are overrated and mostly unnecessary?


Labor Day Weekend Tourism a Thorny Issue for Government

Syrena Lin

Government officials in Taiwan weigh the competing interests of local vendors and disease prevention in their Labor Day tourism messaging.


Domestic Violence Rises in Isolation. Taiwan Has Yet to Act.

Syrena Lin

Statistics from New Taipei City show recent growth in domestic violence cases, but Taiwan has not enacted any additional policies or adjusted services.


The Conflicting Values of Taiwan’s Comedy and Gender Discussions

Syrena Lin

Taiwanese comedian Brian Tseng has recently stirred yet another controversy with his unfiltered comedy.


How Do Taiwan's Coronavirus Hotline and Quarantine System Work?

Syrena Lin

The CECC advises people with coronavirus symptoms to call the 1922 hotline for consultation and reporting. How is a test arranged? What about those who are already in home quarantine?


Travel Back in Time With ‘Dadaocheng Museum’ This Weekend

Syrena Lin

The annual event “Dadaocheng Museum” will allow Taipei visitors to explores historical buildings that are usually closed off to the public.


Debate on Orchid Island’s Nuclear Waste Disposal Continues Despite Compensation

Syrena Lin

Although the Taiwanese government has offered to compensate the Taos for the nuclear waste disposal, the debate on whether to go nuclear-free will persist beyond 2020.


Romantic Route 3: Rediscover Hakka Culture at Beipu, Taiwan

Syrena Lin

Explore Taiwan’s Hakka culture through the ongoing Romantic Route 3 Arts Festival. First stop: Beipu.


China's 26 Measures: 'Wan Wan' Is Already at Home

Syrena Lin

China's new 26 measures and its call for "Wan Wan" to come home are just trivial attempts to undermine Taiwan's 2020 elections, again.

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