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Syrena currently works at Taiwan's legislative office. She is a lover of animals, nature, and history. 

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2019/12/10 | Syrena Lin
Travel Back in Time With ‘Dadaocheng Museum’ This Weekend
The annual event “Dadaocheng Museum” will allow Taipei visitors to explores historical buildings that are usually closed off to the public.
2019/12/05 | Syrena Lin
Debate on Orchid Island’s Nuclear Waste Disposal Continues Despite Compensation
Although the Taiwanese government has offered to compensate the Taos for the nuclear waste disposal, the debate on whether to go nuclear-free will persist beyond 2020.
2019/11/20 | Syrena Lin
Romantic Route 3: Rediscover Hakka Culture at Beipu, Taiwan
Explore Taiwan’s Hakka culture through the ongoing Romantic Route 3 Arts Festival. First stop: Beipu.
2019/11/12 | Syrena Lin
China's 26 Measures: 'Wan Wan' Is Already at Home
China's new 26 measures and its call for "Wan Wan" to come home are just trivial attempts to undermine Taiwan's 2020 elections, again.
2019/10/30 | Syrena Lin
Will Taiwan Ever Abolish the Death Penalty?
Premier Su Tseng-chang’s remark on the death penalty sparked activist outrage last week, and discussions on the abolition of capital punishment will be a crucial item on Taiwan’s 2020 policy agenda.