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Syrena Lin

Syrena Lin

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Syrena Lin is a headhunter and a former legislative assistant in Taipei.


Between Miaoli and Taoyuan: Taiwan’s Response to Migrant Worker Rights at an Intersection

Syrena Lin

Miaoli was under fire for confining migrant workers to their dorms in response to a cluster of Covid-19 cases at factories. Taoyuan’s approach is a reminder that it could have been handled better.


Taiwan Mishandled a Hospital Outbreak During SARS. The Government Learned From It

Syrena Lin

Taiwan's government, having learned a painful lesson from the Hoping Hospital lockdown, is dealing with the cluster infection at the Taoyuan hospital cautiously in order to prevent the history from repeating itself.


Taiwanese Sculptor Ju Ming’s Last Act

Syrena Lin

From a hardscrabble youth in colonial Japanese Taiwan, Ju Ming ascended to the heights of the international art scene. His last act has been turning a wasteland in New Taipei City into a large-scale sculpture park — a "museum for everyone."


Tainan Civil Society Groups Protest Eviction of Elderly Resident

Syrena Lin

A railway expansion project in Tainan has led to the demolition of family homes, threatening to evict a 99-year-old resident. Civil society groups have come out in force to protest.


Should Taiwan Abolish Its Control Yuan and Examination Yuan?

Syrena Lin

Taiwan's political parties have long called for the abolition of the Control Yuan and Examination Yuan. What purposes do these two government branches actually serve?


The Migrant Fishermen Union on the Frontlines Against Covid-19 and Bosses

Syrena Lin

The Yilan Migrant Fishermen Union has pointed out the increased vulnerabilities that their workers face under Covid-19. But this is just their latest campaign since their establishment in 2013.


Taiwan’s Civil War... Over Rice Dumplings

Syrena Lin

What is Taiwan's eternal debate over Northern and Southern rice dumplings about?


Who Is Hsiao Bi-khim, Taiwan's De Facto Ambassador to the US?

Syrena Lin

Hsiao Bi-Khim is the first woman to become de facto ambassador to the U.S. She has been advocate for progressive causes throughout her long career in the Democratic Progressive Party.


The Women Behind MOWES, Taipei’s Inclusive Community Space

Syrena Lin

MOWES offers fitness, art, and language classes. However, the community space has been struggling with lower attendance rates and postponed grants under Covid-19.

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