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Sylvie Tanaga

Sylvie Tanaga

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Sylvie Tanaga is a freelance writer focusing on identity, minority, and literacy issues. She has published two biographies in Indonesian, and commentaries and opinion articles in several media outlets such as The Jakarta Post and TODAYOnline (Singapore). She currently lives in Bandung, Indonesia.


Chinese New Year in Indonesia Is Political

Sylvie Tanaga

After Suharto’s New Order collapsed, Chinese New Year became a national holiday. It could only be celebrated at home before.


Why an American Digital Nomad’s Tweet Sparked Outrage Among Indonesians

Sylvie Tanaga

An American woman living in Bali during the pandemic angered the Indonesian public by seemingly inviting foreigners to the island despite a travel ban. Here are some of the factors that fueled the outrage.


Celebrating Christmas and Pluralism as an Indonesian Minority

Sylvie Tanaga

Christmas in Indonesia this year arrives as pluralism and tolerance in the country are under attack.


‘Man of Contradictions’: Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo

Sylvie Tanaga

Ben Bland's biography of Indonesia's president Joko Widodo is a study of compromises made to ascend the heights of political power.

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