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Beijing Strikes Back: The Risks of Hong Kong's 'Oathgate' Defined

Suzanne Pepper

A Hong Kong court has today disqualified the two lawmakers who used their oath-taking to criticize China. However, Beijing’s interpretation of oath-taking last week will have major implications that range far beyond the simple matter of swearing in, writes Suzanne Pepper.


What is Dividing Hong Kong’s Localists?

Suzanne Pepper

Hong Kong's 'lost' right to self-determination lies at the heart of the localist argument.


Hong Kong Voters Have Spoken, but Is Anyone Listening?

Suzanne Pepper

Will Beijing modify its head-in-the-sand approach to the challenges it now faces in Hong Kong?


Another Post-Occupy Election

Suzanne Pepper

An analysis of Hong Kong before, during, and after the city's recent elections.


ANALYSIS: Early Polling for Hong Kong's September Election

Suzanne Pepper

For all the anxiety over a possible post-Occupy pro-independence radical surge on Sept. 4, preliminary polling suggests there may be only minimal change in the Legislative Council’s balance of political forces once the dust settles. Suddenly, tactical voting doesn’t seem like such a bad idea after all.


ANALYSIS: Spotlight on Hong Kong Independence

Suzanne Pepper

'Now that the independence argument is being so clearly articulated in Hong Kong, Beijing can’t pretend anymore that it doesn’t understand what people here are talking about.'


ANALYSIS: Political Vetting in the Hong Kong Election

Suzanne Pepper

The principle of official political vetting has now been applied in Hong Kong over the issue of independence.


Hong Kong's Loyalty Oath: Gambling Again on Ambiguity

Suzanne Pepper

As if they hadn’t created enough trouble for themselves in Hong Kong, Beijing leaders seem to be banking again on the dubious benefits of ambiguity.


Beijing Pushes Back: A Referendum on 8.31?

Suzanne Pepper

The electoral reform project in Hong Kong will be revived...with the same Beijing-mandated framework, the same arguments, and the same official players. Only the action plan will be different.

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