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Hong Kong and Macau: A Tale of Two Ex-Colonial Cities

Suzanne Pepper

Zhang Dejiang's Macau visit serves as a means of explaining to everyone else exactly what is at stake and why Hong Kong has grown increasingly determined to resist Beijing’s idealized assumptions about what 'one country, two systems' is supposed to mean.


Washington, Macau, and the Hong Kong Dilemma

Suzanne Pepper

Hong Kong’s last British governor, Christopher Patten, recently told a Washington, D.C. audience that Hong Kong had not been given what it thought it had been promised by Beijing when Hong Kong was transferred from British to Chinese rule in 1997.


Beijing‘s Dilemma: What to Do About Hong Kong

Suzanne Pepper

The three most feared of all future prospects: Hong Kong’s evolving relationship with the mainland; Beijing’s conflation of national and political security; and Beijing’s habit of issuing interpretations that Hong Kong courts now accept they are bound to obey.


Done Deal: How Hong Kong's New Leader Reached the Top

Suzanne Pepper

Real elections, the kind those fractious oppositionist elements are demanding, create nothing but trouble: social strife, polarization and worst of all uncertainty.


Hong Kong Election: Beijing Decides, Hong Kong Approves

Suzanne Pepper

Beijing must feel Carrie Lam is their best hope for reducing tensions and getting the job done as they proceed with all their cross-border interventions.


Hong Kong's Stalemate with Beijing and Basic Law Constraints

Suzanne Pepper

Is Beijing's patience running thin on its stalemate with Hong Kong’s democracy movement?


Hong Kong in 2017: Off to Another Fighting Start

Suzanne Pepper

It is a new year and the fight goes on in Hong Kong, writes Suzanne Pepper.


An Election Without A Cause: CY Leung Stands Down

Suzanne Pepper

Will the candidates try to convince Beijing of the need to re-think its one-size-fits-all 'mainland' political mindset in dealing with Hong Kong?


ANALYSIS: What One Year of Campaigning for Hong Kong Independence Achieved

Suzanne Pepper

'If self-determination is the same as independence, and Legislative Councilors are going to be punished for violating the terms of their oaths of allegiance to China because they are exploring the possibilities for self-determination, then the current oath-taking saga marks the beginning of the end of Hong Kong as we know it.'

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