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Suzanne Pepper is a Hong Kong-based American writer with a long-standing interest in Chinese politics. She is the author of: Keeping Democracy at Bay: Hong Kong and the Challenge of Chinese Political Reform. She blogs at

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2019/03/21 | Suzanne Pepper
China's National People's Congress Broadcasts Hong Kong's Ominous Future
China's recent National People's Congress provided hints of the party's views on Hong Kong, Taiwan, and 'one country, two systems.'
2018/08/15 | Suzanne Pepper
HONG KONG: Independence Activist Andy Chan Defies Beijing with Press Club Talk
Beijing has blasted the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondents' Club for allowing activist Andy Chan to speak but its advocates' reasoning casts a more worrying chill.
2018/04/26 | Suzanne Pepper
HONG KONG: Beijing's Long Shadow Falls over Press Freedom
'Constructive criticism of Chinese Communist Party leadership will always be allowed,' claimed one pro-Beijing politician, but recent developments have debunked that statement.
2018/04/17 | Suzanne Pepper
HONG KONG: Benny Tai's Topsy-turvy Taiwan Journey
Benny Tai's comments on the future possibility of self-determination for people and places in Greater China was nothing new but Beijing's reaction frames new limits on freedom of speech in Hong Kong.
2018/03/20 | Suzanne Pepper
OPINION: Hong Kong's Occupy Fervor Finally Evaporates at Polls
Hong Kong's democracy movement is pondering its next move as voters lose hope at the ballot box.
2018/03/02 | Suzanne Pepper
Candidate Certification Is the Latest Blow to Hong Kong Democracy
The latest twist in Hong Kong's electoral woes opens a debate on the difference between self-determination and independence.
2018/02/14 | Suzanne Pepper
OPINION: 'Political Prisoner' Headlines Spark Judicial Rethink in Hong Kong
The distinctions between independence and self-determination should provide ample scope for legal minds to ponder.
2018/02/05 | Suzanne Pepper
What Edward Yiu's Reprieve Tells Us about Decision-making in Hong Kong
Hong Kong's civil servants are taking it upon themselves to act as thought police on Beijing's behalf.
2018/01/24 | Suzanne Pepper
Pro-democracy Field Faces Uphill Battle in HK Elections Despite Show of Unity
Special by-elections to fill seats vacated by 'oath-breaking' politicians banned by Beijing highlight the challenges faced by pro-democracy advocates in the territory.
2018/01/10 | Suzanne Pepper
OPINION: Hong Kong's Spirit of Protest Alive and Kicking in 2018
The reopening of Civic Square, a symbolic hub for Hong Kong's Occupy protests, served to galvanize protesters on the city's annual Jan. 1 protest march.
2018/01/02 | Suzanne Pepper
2017: The Year Pessimism Won in Hong Kong
Hong Kong's democratic hopes are dimmer than ever.
2017/12/02 | Suzanne Pepper
Beijing Begins Post-congress Re-education of Hong Kong
If Hong Kongers still don’t get the 19th party congress message it won’t be for Beijing’s lack of trying.
2017/10/31 | Suzanne Pepper
Xi Jinping Shatters Hong Kong Handover Illusion
Chinese President Xi Jinping's report to the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China revealed once and for all that Beijing intends to exercise 'comprehensive jurisdiction' over Hong Kong, and that the 1997 promise of '50 years without change' can now be consigned to the dustbin of history.
2017/10/18 | Suzanne Pepper
The Enigma of New HK CEO Carrie Lam
New Hong Kong CEO Carrie Lam has proved a master of the art of "responding without answering", enabling her to glide smoothly from one crisis to the next and emerge as the only person Beijing was willing to entrust with the top job.