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School Officials Threaten To Ban College Students From Campus For Posting Flyers On Chiang Kai-shek Statue

Shih Yuan

An university student group called for transitional justice regarding the 228 Incident by posting flyers all over a Chiang Kai-shek statue on campus. School officials tore down the posters and threatened to ban the students from campus.

大學生_Chinese students running on campus

Wealthy Chinese Making UK Middle-class Unable to Afford Boarding School

Shih Yuan

Chinese students with wealthy backgrounds have caused the tuitions of the boarding schools (student ages ranging from 7 to 18) in the UK to rise dramatically, pricing out middle-class British families, which are no longer able to afford the skyrocketed fees.

Young woman waving a Canadian flag on Algonquin Island, one of the Toronto Islands, Toronto, Ontario

Taiwan Canada Tax Agreement Signed

Shih Yuan

The deal expects to avoid double taxation and promote bilateral investments in the future while protecting the rights and interests of overseas Taiwanese in Canada starting from January 1, 2017.


Taiwanese K-pop Star Accused of Being Pro-Independent and Banned from Performing in China

Shih Yuan

South Korean media think that the controversy regarding the R.O.C. flag is sensitive between Taiwan and China. Maeil Business News Korea says, China, opposing Taiwan regarding politics, is more sensitive to Chou’s controversy because Taiwan’s presidential election is coming up. It is reported that JYP might face severe loss because China is the biggest market of K-pop.

唱片行_CD_Woman Going Through CDs in Record Store

Amendments to Taiwan's Copyright Act; Playing CDs in Public might be Charged

Shih Yuan

Taiwan’s Copyright Act has not been overhauled since 1998. This year, the government is going to revamp the act and will call a public hearing in the coming days to catch up with the digital era.


French Apprentice of Taiwan Legendary Traditional Puppeteer Holds An Exhibition in Taiwan

Shih Yuan

Legendary Taiwanese traditional puppeteer Li Tian-lu’s apprentice, Jean-Luc Penso, is holding an exhibition called “The Origin of Puppetry” at the Puppetry Art Center of Taipei, presenting many puppets and historical relics from France in hopes of helping the Taiwanese learn how the traditional art has been spread overseas.

Motorists ride to work on a bridge during rush hour in Taipei, Taiwan

Charging for Scooter Parking in Taipei City Raises Controversy

Shih Yuan

Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je indicates that the government will not administer the policy to all the scooter parking spaces in the city in the next two years. Ko says that if scooters are a cheaper and more convenient mean of transportation, no one would want to take public transportation, so it is necessary to improve the efficiency of public transportation before dealing with the problems of motorcycles.


Recent Language Learning Study Overthrows Right-Brain Dominant Myth

Shih Yuan

People used to think the right brain operates learning Chinese exclusively. However, a recent research points out that it may be a myth.

計程車_小黃_Taiwan - Tourism - Yellow Taxi Cab

Government Promoting Pre-Booking Taxis to Challenge Uber Taiwan

Shih Yuan

According to the new taxi regulations drafted by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, pre-booking taxis will soon be allowed. The color of these taxis also does not have to be yellow, and they can charge more than normal taxis.

Nobel laureat Kajita speaks in Stockholm

2015 Noble Prize Laureate Says What University You Graduate From Isn't That Important

Shih Yuan

Kajita Takaaki says that his special quality is that he is very optimistic. Although Saitama University, from which he graduated, is not a top university in Japan, he still encourages the students that they can still conduct good research as long as they can find their own interests.

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