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Shannon Lin is a staff writer currently on a mission to investigate all things related to Taiwan society and culture and to pet every cat met along the way.

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The Last of Taiwan's 'Blind Masseurs'

Shannon Lin

'Blind massage' was first introduced to Taiwan by the Japanese during the colonial era. More than 100 years later, signs for blind massage parlors remain a common sight in the underground malls and streets of Taiwan but the number of masseurs is declining.


INTERVIEW: Filipino Artists The General Strike and BLKD Intertwine Music and Politics in Taipei

Shannon Lin

'Music is an extension of the self. It’s an extension of our activism which is why our music is so overtly political. We wouldn’t be able to write the songs that we write without being activists,' says the drummer of The General Strike.


PHOTO STORY: Sustainable Grain Cropping and 'Adopting' a Paddy Field on Taiwan's Northeast Coast

Shannon Lin

A new venture between local farmers and an agricultural company are letting people experience the life of a rice farmer in Yilan county.


PHOTO STORY: Taiwan Remembers Liu Xiaobo

Shannon Lin

Hundreds gathered near Taipei’s Liberty Square last night to commemorate the life of Liu Xiaobo


FEATURE: Taiwanese Rediscovering their History in the Streets of Taipei

Shannon Lin

The rise of walking tours: A rejuvenated interest in Taiwan’s past is changing tourism for visitors and locals alike.


Re-Imagining the Formosan Flag: Taiwan's First Appeal for International Help

Shannon Lin

'The difference between the two tigers is hidden in their eyes; the obverse side has undilated pupils while the reverse has dilated ones. Researchers believe this contrast is a metaphor for day and night, symbolizing constant vigilance.'


Blending In or Standing Out: Immigration and the ‘Cultural Quality’ Problem in Taiwan

Shannon Lin

Are the dazzling traditional gowns and tours in native languages just a weak attempt to distract Taiwan’s newest arrivals from institutionalized discrimination?

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