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Sarawak Report and its sister organisation Radio Free Sarawak were founded by Sarawak-born investigative journalist Clare Rewcastle-Brown in 2010. Sarawak Report has been at the forefront of exposing corruption in Malaysia.

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2017/01/05 | Sarawak Report

More Questions on 1MDB's Secret Bailout from China

Has the Malaysian leader sold out the Malays to the Chinese?

2016/10/01 | Sarawak Report

OPINION: Familiar Story for The Native Landowners of West Malaysia

Thugs and police were used to stop a protest by an indigenous group against logging in Malaysia.

2016/09/05 | Sarawak Report

How the Malaysian PM Launched a Coup Against His Own Country

'Every shred of evidence in the 1MDB case shows only one thing, which is that the Prime Minister had been stealing billions from Malaysian public funds in a massive abuse of trust and power.'

2016/09/02 | Sarawak Report

How Malaysia's 1MDB Funded Diamond Shopping Sprees

How public money was used to fund the Malaysian First Lady's diamond shopping sprees.

2016/08/30 | Sarawak Report

Is Malaysia Linked to a Billion Dollar Vegas Nightclub Chain?

Sarawak Report believes it has uncovered a link between Malaysia's 1MDB and a billion dollar nightclub chain in Las Vegas.

2016/07/15 | Sarawak Report

Australia's Adelaide University Takes Action on Malaysian Politician

Has an esteemed Australian university been profiting from corruption and environmental destruction in Malaysian Borneo?

2016/07/06 | Sarawak Report

Another Swiss Bank Involved as Malaysia 1MDB Scandal Unravels

As international prosecutors continue to dig into the 1MDB scandal, an earlier investigation by Sarawak Report has achieved a separate landmark ruling in Switzerland, with top bank UBS ordered to produce documents relating to Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman’s vast earnings from timber kickbacks.

2016/06/29 | Sarawak Report

The Dots Join Up: Irish Angle on Malaysia’s 1MDB Scandal

Irish Angle to Malaysia's ongoing 1MDB saga confirms the PM's proxy, Jho Low, was linked to Goldman Sachs.

2016/06/22 | Sarawak Report

Malaysian Slain Banker Case Taken to U.N.

The perceived paralysis of law and order in present day Malaysia has led to a ground-breaking and potentially humiliating development, where the son of the assassinated banker Hussein Najadi has asked the United Nations to intervene and investigate the crime.