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The 2023 Taoyuan FuturePeak Youth Innovation Expo is underway, featuring 120 youth Startup from seven counties and cities in northern Taiwan showcasing their creativity.

Taoyuan City Government’s Youth Affairs Department held the “Taoyuan FuturePeak Youth Innovation Expo” on November 21 at the Taoyuan International Airport MRT A18 Station. Mayor of Taoyuan City, Shan-Zheng Zhang, attended the event and expressed his hopes that the participating youth Startup will become the future leaders and role models of Taiwan.


2023 Cyber Day: ACW South – Incubate Cybersec Talent through Cross-domain Cooperation

On November 24, Administration for Digital Industries (ADI) of the Ministry of Digital Affairs (MODA) held 2023 “Cyber Day” at ACW South. The event combined industry discussions, cybersec seminars, corporate booth exhibitions, interactive games and more to create a platform for exchanges and connections between the cybersec industry and other industries.


Phihong Makes Inroads into Global LEO Satellite Market with High-Performance Power Technology in the New Era

Phihong Technology has been dedicating years to developing power technologies for LEO satellite applications, collaborating closely with industry giants and engaging in technical exchanges. It is well-prepared to swiftly align with market demands.

The Key to the Space Industry valued at NT$300 Billion by 2025: Connecting Academia, Industry and the International community to

The Key to the Space Industry valued at NT$300 Billion by 2025: Connecting Academia, Industry and the International community to foster space talent R&D capability

The space industry in Taiwan is experiencing robust growth, and the Space Program initiated by the Industrial Development Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs is playing an active role in bolstering the human resource capacity. This comprehensive program encompasses various learning opportunities, including space study tours, international workshops, and industrial R&D problem-solvin


The opening of the No. 1 Social Housing in Zhongli, "ONE HOW SPACE Local Regeneration Base," Mayor Chang Shan-cheng looks forward to young friends showcasing their creativity and highlighting local features.

Mayor Chang Shan-cheng attended the opening press conference of the "ONE HOW SPACE Local Regeneration Base" in Zhongli District. The base aims to provide exhibition and curation spaces for local youth teams to showcase their creativity and develop diverse small businesses. The city government encourages young teams to integrate Zhongli's unique characteristics to generate income.


World Hakka Expo Gathers Youthful Energy from Across Taiwan

The 2023 World Hakka Expo kicked off with spectacular events across various locations in Taoyuan.


Where is the global investment frenzy heading? Let Assured Asset Management share its insight

Over the past five to ten years, there have been numerous investment opportunities. However, how to seize early opportunities for the next decade? With its wealth of experience, Assured Asset Management shares its insight with you.

330W 圖2.png

New 330W Gaming Laptop Power Supply by Phihong Technology - a lighter GaN charger for a better gaming experience!

This year, Phihong has just released an impressive gaming laptop power supply with a capacity of 330W.


Enjoy the Splendors of Eastern Japan: Embark on a Joyful Train Journey to Experience Local Culture

Within the service area of East Japan Railway Company (JR East), there are themed "Joyful Trains" like TOHOKU EMOTION and Koshino Shu✲Kura operating in various regions, offering travelers a unique train-riding experience.

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