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Roy Ngerng (鄞義林) writes on social issues and equality. He was named a Human Rights Defender by the United Nations and believes that human rights and social justice will enable fairer, happier, and more compassionate societies.


Singaporeans Are Paid Much Lower Than You Think

Roy Ngerng

Workers in Singapore are paid much lower than workers in other high GDP per capita countries like Switzerland and Norway.


How Many Workers Can the Salaries of Singapore’s Ministers Pay For?

Roy Ngerng

While Singapore's prime minister shamelessly lays claim to a salary 167 times the basic wage of an outsourced resident cleaner, the government refuses to enforce a minimum wage.


What Does Data Tell Us About Singapore’s General Elections?

Roy Ngerng

Singapore's ruling People's Action Party has received one its weakest mandates ever. What does this mean for the opposition?


Covid-19 Exposed the Rot at the Core of Singapore’s Migrant Labor System

Roy Ngerng

Singapore's migrant workers have borne the brunt of Covid-19. The real culprit is the government's single-minded focus on economic growth before people.


Taiwan's Response to Covid-19 Is a Lesson in Managing Risk

Roy Ngerng

The Risk Governance Framework is a useful tool for evaluating Taiwan's management of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Singapore’s POFMA Corrections Over Ho Ching’s Salary Raise Uncomfortable Questions

Roy Ngerng

Taiwanese media sparked public debate about the salary of Ho Ching, Singapore’s First Lady. The Singapore government swiftly attempted to shut down debate with its “anti-fake news” law.


Taiwan's Digital Response to Covid-19: Impressive, But Is Privacy Respected?

Roy Ngerng

Taiwan has made advances in tech and deployed big data in the fight against COVID-19. But can privacy be protected?


Why Taiwan Handles Coronavirus Outbreak Better Than Singapore

Roy Ngerng

Singapore has adopted decent preventive measures for the coronavirus outbreak, yet the lack of public trust in the government still trigged panic buying. What can Singapore learn from Taiwan?


Minimum Wage: How Did Taiwan Fall Behind S. Korea?

Roy Ngerng

Taiwan’s Minimum Wage Review Committee needs to make a long overdue decision to increase minimum wage in 2020.

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