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Roy Ngerng (鄞義林) writes on social issues and equality. He was named a Human Rights Defender by the United Nations and believes that human rights and social justice will enable fairer, happier, and more compassionate societies.


How Should Taiwan Learn From Other Countries in Increasing the Minimum Wage? (Part 1)

Roy Ngerng

While many advanced countries have been raising the minimum wage to ensure citizens a decent standard of living, the introduction of the Minimum Wage Act in Taiwan has been postponed again and again.

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Excessive Housing Speculation Is Weakening Taiwan’s Economy and Society

Roy Ngerng

Housing speculation creates instability and inequality. Given the growing national security threats from China, policymakers’ refusal to confront the problem puts Taiwan in a highly precarious situation.


Taiwan’s Housing Crisis (Part 2): Taiwan’s Housing Prices Have Grown Faster than Most Advanced Countries, But Its Economy Has Not

Roy Ngerng

Since 1985, Taiwan’s real estate profits have grown by nearly 40 times, but the minimum wage has not even grown by four times. If the minimum wage had grown as quickly as real estate profits, it would have been close to NT$230,000 a month today.


The DPP Lost Because Taiwanese Livelihoods Have Not Improved

Roy Ngerng

The DPP once had ambitions to usher in a new era, not only politically, but also economically. Now a lack of a social welfare program is costing the DPP local elections.


Taiwan’s Economic Slowdown (Part 2): Taiwan’s High Profit Margins Mask Its Slow Economic Growth

Roy Ngerng

Taiwan’s high profits are eating into labor’s share of the economic pie — and hampering growth.


Taiwan’s Economic Slowdown (Part 1): Taiwan’s Wages Are Growing Too Slowly to Allow Profits Grow

Roy Ngerng

Taiwan’s issue isn’t that consumer prices are growing too quickly. It’s that wages are growing too slowly.


What Singapore’s 377A Repeal Is About: Entrenching the PAP’s Conservative Rule

Roy Ngerng

Behind the facade of an advance for the LGBT community in Singapore is an attempt to shore up both a homophobic agenda and the ruling People’s Action Party’s rule.


Taiwan’s Lost Growth (Part 3): Taiwan’s Economy and Profits Have Stagnated Because Wages Have Not Recovered from the 1997 Crisis

Roy Ngerng

The 1997 Asian financial crisis is a distant memory to most countries. But Taiwan hasn’t fully recovered from it because wages have been kept low.


Taiwan’s Lost Growth (Part 2): How Stagnant Wages are Throttling the Economy

Roy Ngerng

Taiwan has one of the lowest GDP growths since 1995 among emerging economies. This is not going to change if wages don’t grow.

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