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Rosemary Chen

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Rosemary Chen is a staff writer for The News Lens International.


Burying a Dictator: Fresh Bid to Remove All Statues of Chiang Kai-shek in Taiwan

Rosemary Chen

'Statues [of Chiang] are the final remnant of the [Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT)] authoritarian regime, which has to be removed if a full-fledged democracy is to be realized.'


China Stops WeChat, Weibo Users Discussing Human Rights Crackdown

Rosemary Chen

‘This censorship is implemented in ways that are not transparent to users.’


US$6 Billion Not Enough to Tackle Air Pollution in Taiwan

Rosemary Chen

Taiwan has announced new emission reduction targets and policies to combat air pollution but environmental groups say they still do not go far enough.


Tibetans Search for Alternative Protest to Self-Immolation

Rosemary Chen

'Tibetans are now waging a quiet, slow-building nonviolent movement.'


FEATURE: Taiwan Stray Dog Adoption Languishing as Shelters Overflow

Rosemary Chen

Taiwan’s new ban on euthanizing stray dogs will lead to more dogs left on the streets if adoption rates don't pick up, animal welfare workers fear.


Q&A: Taiwan 'Soil Doctors’ Startup and the Future of Organic Farming

Rosemary Chen

Referring to themselves as ‘soil doctors,’ an interesting startup, TSBiotech, has big dreams for transforming the future of organic farming in Taiwan and beyond.


Detained Taiwanese Activist’s Wife to Fly to Beijing to Seek Husband’s Release

Rosemary Chen

The wife of a Taiwanese activist detained in China says she must try to seek his release personally.


Academic Who Opposed ‘Mao Concert’ Blocked from Leaving China

Rosemary Chen

Professor Feng Chongyi has been outspoken about Beijing’s political influence in Chinese communities in Australia.


Thousands Show Up for Air Pollution Protest in Taiwan

Rosemary Chen

In 2015, more than 6,000 people in Taiwan died from diseases directly related to poor air quality, making up 19 percent of the death toll that year.

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