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Rath Wang is a global nomad with roots from deep inside Hakka mountains. He writes and advocates for Taiwan’s identity and other progressive and liberal causes.


Guzifer Is Finally Married. When Will All of Taiwan’s Same Sex Transnational Couples Be Able To?

Rath Wang

The marriage of Guzifer Leong and Ting Tse-yan is only the end of the beginning in the fight for equitable transnational marriages in Taiwan.


The Ocean-Wide Quarantine Approaches in Japan and Taiwan

Rath Wang

The way Japan and Taiwan manage their quarantine on arrival systems is marked by difference.

Still from 'Spider Lilies'

Queer East Film Festival, Only of Its Kind, Seeks To Forge Global Connections

Rath Wang

The inaugural Queer East Film Festival launched in the late fall of 2020, with ambitions to forge transnational connections between queer communities.


Beside the Biden Taiwan Delegation, a New Bill to Match

Rath Wang

A new draft legislation alongside the delegation of former U.S. government officials is yet another sign of continuity and warming of Taiwan-U.S. relations.

金馬57 盧廣仲陳昊森視訊連線演出

‘Your Name’ First Gay Film in Taiwan To Earn NT$100 Million

Rath Wang

Earning NT$100 million is not just a reflection of the movie's individual success. It will lay the foundation for more films that bring LGBT+ topics mainstream in Taiwan.


'Taiwanese Americans for Progress' Plans For Post-Trump Future

Rath Wang

Rath Wang, a founding committee member of Taiwanese Americans for Progress, writes on the road ahead for the organization after the 2020 U.S. election.


Why Taiwanese Americans Are Voting for Joe Biden

Rath Wang

While many people in Taiwan favor a Trump presidency due to his anti-CCP rhetoric, many in the Taiwanese American community have a different opinion.


The Year's Only In-Person Workplace Pride Was Just Held in Taipei

Rath Wang

The event was a demonstration of two pillars of Taiwan's cultural diplomacy: its successful Covid-19 response, and its progress in LGBT equality.

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