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Randy Mulyanto is an Indonesian freelance journalist, previously based in Taipei. His work has appeared in Al Jazeera, the BBC, Lowy Institute's The Interpreter, OZY, the South China Morning Post, and other publications.

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2020/10/06 | Randy Mulyanto

'The Jakarta Method' Tells of US Role in Indonesian Massacre

“Most people know very little about Indonesia, and almost nothing about what happened in 1965-66 in that archipelago nation.” 'The Jakarta Method' retells one of Indonesia’s most significant yet controversial chapters in history, holding Washington accountable for one of its worst atrocities.

2020/05/25 | Randy Mulyanto

Can We Pray Away the Coronavirus in Indonesia?

Indonesia's government relies on the Almighty to ward off Covid-19. My fellow citizens crowd at a McDonalds against social distancing measures. But I haven't lost hope.